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Yumura Onsen, 98 Degrees Celsius, The Hottest Hot Spring In Japan

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Yumura Onsen is located among mountains, where just about 30 minutes drive to reach Tottori Prefecture, in the north west part of Hyogo Prefecture.

Yumura Onsen is called as the best hot spring that only those who in the know know as a good-old hot spring village.

A pride of such Yumura Onsen is whatever saying the good quality of hot spring.

The origin of hot spring is proudly the hottest in Japan at 98 degrees Celsius, and its alkalescent hot water is very popular especially to women as “a hot spring of beautiful women”!

Let me introduce fully charms such Yumura Onsen.

Best Hot Spring Of 98 Degrees Celsius! Enjoy Arayu Hot Spring

The origin of spring of Yumura Onsen is Arayu located in the center of the hot spring village.

The origin of hot spring here is proudly the hottest in Japan of 98 degrees Celsius, and much steams up from the hot spring makes an atmosphere of hot spring elegance.

There is also a corner like this next to Arayu.

Here is the place for boiling eggs and vegetables, and anyone can use it.

This bath pot is said that townspeople loved to use it from a past.

Yumura Tofu, a specialty of Yumura Onsen, is also said that it was born here.

As there are sold eggs in the net at stores around, let’s put some eggs in Arayu for sure as your memory!

Although temperatures may also be different by place, you will be at ease because the required time is clearly shown.

By the way, 12-minute is said that the best for boiling a half boiled egg in a hot spring.

Please for sure try experiencing the best taste boiling eggs in a hot spring.

Going down to a river from Arayu by stairs, you will also find a foot bath corner.

When you soak your feet into the foot bath, while viewing Harukigawa river flowing just in your front, you will feel the foot bath splendid!

Even when you take the bath for just several minutes, your feet will become very smooth!

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Let’s Try Finding Yumechiyo Statue, A Symbol Of Yumura Onsen

Speaking of a symbol of such Yumura Onsen, whatever you say, it is the Yumechiyo statue.

Broadcasted in 1980s, performed by the Sayuri Yoshinaga as the main actress, the drama “Yumechiyo Diary” was proudly so popular.

After the broadcast, Yumura Onsen also gathered attentions as “a home village of Yumechiyo”.

The statue of Yumechiyo, who was the main cast of such drama, is located along Harukigawa river about one minute walk from Arayu.

There is also a hand print of Ms. Sayuri Yoshinaga, right next to the Yumechiyo statue.

The hand print is registered as special townspeople of Shin Onsen Town, where Yumura Onsen is located, and the words of “Yume Ichizu” is engraved.

*”Yume Ichizu” means pursuing a dream in Japanese.

If you put your hand on the hand print, your dream may also come true!?

Also, as it matches to the words of “a home village of Yumechiyo”, you can see the word of “Yume (a dream)” on the top of a mountain that can be seen from the town.

Seems like this town is influenced too much by Yumechiyo…

As it will be illuminated in various colors when at night, why don’t you try for sure enjoying strolling at night?

Enjoy A Day-use Hot Spring At Yakushiyu Popular Among Local

Although many visit to Yumura Onsen for staying, for those who like to enjoy a day-use hot spring, let’s go for sure to Yakushiyu, a public bath of the town!

As it is said that there is no local resident who has not gone there yet, Yakushiyu is continuously loved by the local.

When in the sunset, it will be crowded by not only tourists but also many locals , so you can feel its popularity.

There are a spacious in-room bath, an open-air bath of elegance, and very white sauna of mist-full that is also the best.

Let’s for sure fully enjoy the “hot spring of beautiful women”!

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Showa Rretro World Of Yumechiyo Diary Is At Yumechiyo-Kan Museum

When you are in Yumura Onsen, Yumechiyo kan that exhibits related things to the drama “Yumechiyo Diary” might be where you want to visit.

It is a popular sightseeing spot as it is said that you can enjoy nostalgic atmosphere only of Yumura Onsen.

Once you step inside, there are many photos and videos, from which you can see atmosphere of shooting at that time as well as the shooting sets actually used in the drama.

You can completely enjoy these exhibits even if you do not know about the drama.

By the way, it is said that the kimono of the photo  above was actually used at shooting by Ms. Sayuri Yoshinaga, the main actress.

You can see such precious exhibits only in Yumechiyo Kan.

This also is the set that was actually used for the drama shooting.  Townscape of the Showa revives in front of your eyes.

Moreover, you can send a letter that will be delivered one year after from the mailbox in the center of photo.

As a set of dedicated letter and envelope is sold at an entrance, who don’t you try for sure writing letters to yourself, friends, and to your family of one year after?

*It’s not sure if the letter would be sent to oversea…

Photo Shooting Spots Of Yumura Onsen

image by

In such Yumura Onsen, there are various photo shooting spots in addition to the famous places that are shown before.

The one of these spots is this representational cute YUMURA signage situated in the center square of the town.

Actually, there are five “hidden hearts” in Yumura Onsen, and if you shoot some photos of such hearts, it brings you a luck that your wish in love will come true.

Also, when you bring photos to a tourist association, you will get a happy memorial item.

Please try for sure challenging!

About two minute walk from Arayu.

You will find a statue built alone along a river where less people walking.

That is this statue of “Arayu Tengu (a long-nosed goblin)”.

Arayu Tengu gathers so much faith that there is a festival in July every year.

When you touch to the nose and account book on the right side of waist, it is said that it brings a luck of your flourishing business.

Arayu Tengu is with a cute face of full of smile.

Please try finding it!

Try Hot Spring To be Relaxed Where There Are Less People

How did you like it?

Speaking of Hyogo Prefecture, you may think that Arima Onsen and Kinosaki Onsen are famous, but there is also disadvantage that you cannot really relax as there are so many people because anyway these are popular hot spring villages.

As Yumura Onsen is the best hot spring where those only in the know know, you can fully enjoy slowly “a hot spring of beautiful women” in atmosphere of slow and relaxed!

Why don’t you be healed with the best quality of hot spring that Yumura Onsen is proud of?

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You can go to Yumura Onsen by Train and Bus.

Please check here for more detail.