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A Takoyaki Cooking Class at “MUGEN” in Osaka Near Kaiyu-kan Aquarium

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Near Kaiyukan Aquarium, there is “Takoyaki cooking class” where a professional tell us how to cook Takoyaki directly!

Why is such popular among tourists not only Japanese, but foreigners?

Osaka Bay area gathers attentions because the large scale entertainment facilities are lined up, including Kaiyukan Aquarium and USJ.

Also, it is said that appeals from tourists are endless to “Takoyaki cooking class MUGEN”, located just near to Kaiyukan Aquarium.

Let me introduce the secret of such popularity.

These are the 3 Great Points of Takoyaki cooking class, MUGEN.


4 minutes walk from Kaiyukan Aquarium, and about 50 minutes of experiencing time that with 1,200 Yen!

Searching for “MUGEN (Infinity)” combination with toppings and sauces by store manager.

Thought of the store manager is hot! MUGEM’s future development and his thoughts.

Near by Kaiyukan Aquarium and 50 Minutes Experience Cost 1,200 yen

“Takoyaki cooking class MUGEN” runs a shop on the second floor of Hiyori-bashi Building that is located at a place of 4 minute walk from Kaiyukan Aquarium.

And about 50 minutes of experiencing time, but price is 1,200 Yen so, you can enjoy it in cheap cost.

So, let’s try check the inside.

Got entered inside, and when climbed up on stairs, you will see many Takoyaki cooking machines.

In Osaka, it is familiar that people enjoy lively cooking takoyaki at home using a takoyaki cooking machine, and it is called as “takoyaki party: commonly known as Tako-pa”.

In this “Takoyaki cooking class MUGEN”, “the professional of tako-pa” tells you tips of cooking takoyaki at such tako-pa by yourself.

It is a class, full of how Osaka is!

Not to mention about the good location where is 4 minutes walk from Kaiyukan Aquarium, and it is also good that you can enjoy the series of process in about 50 minutes, which is “cooking takoyaki (with the pro telling you tips) and eating it”.

It is awesome that you can enjoy during your spare time, including either before you go to Kaiyukan Aquarium or on your way home, isn’t it?

* Experiencing time is 50 minutes, and although the classes are held 10 times a day, reservation is recommended for you to experience smoothly!

Please check the website to make a reservation.

Moreover, you do not have to bring anything!

All inclusive, such as costs of toppings, price is set in reasonable as 1,200 Yen per person.

Everything, including location, time, and price, makes you to think going there freely, and this is the secret of popularity.

If you think that you can get the tips of cooking “takoyaki” that is a signature food of Osaka easily,….. it is the best, isn’t it?

Searching for “MUGEN(Infinity)” Combination with Toppings and Sauces of Takoyaki

In this class, 12 pcs of Takoyaki are for one person, and two persons as one group will be cooking cooperatively 24 pcs in total of takoyaki.

In the required condition for joining, as it is described that “Please join with your stomach empty”, you can enjoy takoyaki that you cooked by yourself as much as you will be full.

Also, as the shop name “MUGEN”(Infinity) shows, you can enjoy the infinite combination of toppings and sauces!

Please look at! These varieties of abundant toppings!

* Mugen in Japanese means infinity or something infinite.

Toppings are about 20 kinds in total, so you might wonder to decide which toppings you take!

Photo in left is a store manager “Yamada”

Not just the usual octopus, there are really abundant toppings that you can choose, including from seafoods like scallops, squids, shrimps, and also, sausages, cones, tuna, rice cakes, cheese, shiso leaves (Japanese herb), spring onion, sakura shrimps, cherry tomatos.

About 20 kinds of toppings are prepared.

There are some toppings that require addition charges.

Yamada, the store manger told that it was from his thought that “I want you to find takoyaki of your preference”, and “I am happy if even vegetarians can enjoy”.

Also, not just toppings, besides the takoyaki classic sauce, there are about 10 kinds of various sauces, including mayonnaise, ponzu (soy sauce with citrus juice), soy sauce, rock salt, and broth.

As a daily special sauce, there is prepared something different, such as “lemongrass sauce”.

With “changing tastes”, you can enjoy takoyaki until the last without getting bored.

Unexpected combination may be tasty, so try to find a new discovery!

In the class, you will be instructed politely from how to make dough till how to turn over takoyaki.

Around by the time you go out of the class, you can be the takoyaki master.

Also, for foreign tourists, the class will use English and Japanese alternately, and it is also a special point only in this shop.

Besides, “a manual how to cook takoyaki” that corresponds to Japanese, English, and Chinese is set on a table, so please by all means refer to it.

Although we cannot write the details of instruction contents, here is a part of takoyaki tips…

①As fire power on the switch side is weak, you cook while exchanging the place of takoyaki from time to time.

②How to turn it over is that you turn over a bamboo skewer along an iron plate in a direction from 2 o’clock to 7 o’clock of a clock, just like turning around a doorknob.

And so on, you will be generously taught tips!

Atmosphere of experiencing is like this.

The class goes on in harmonious and friendly manner.

There are also family attendees.

It is perfect for making a memory, isn’t it?

Finished cooking takoyaki with no trouble!

Looks very tasty.

Thought of the shopmaster is hot!  Tried to hear future development and his thoughts

Now, about the shopmaster Yamada who often appeared in this page earlier.

Hometown of the shopmaster Yamada is Benten-cho, Osaka, so this Osaka Bay area is his hometown.

As he was both born and raised in Osaka, so to speak, he is “the professional of tako-pa”.

And then, he opened this class with the thought that “for those who come to Osaka for sightseeing, I will be happy if they can enjoy takoyaki of “tako-pa”, which Osaka people usually eat.”

We asked about future development and his thoughts to such shopmaster Yamada.


Takoyaki that usually Osaka people eat is not takoyaki of the shop but takoyaki that they enjoy at tako-pa.

I wish them to taste cheap but tasty takoyaki.

Also, as the shop name of “MUGEN” shows, I think that there are “MUGEN (infinite)” hows to enjoy takoyaki and combinations.

So, I wish that they bring technique that they learned at this class back home places and countries, and they search for takoyaki of their own preference by enjoying new toppings.

How was the atmosphere of “Takoyaki cooking class MUGEN”, where are crowded with tourists everyday?

At “Takoyaki cooking class MUGEN” where you enjoy cooking by yourself, there are “MUGEN (infinite)” hows to enjoy and combinations of taste of takoyaki!

Please try visiting there once for sure.


Address: Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Minato-ku Kaigan-dori 1-5-31-2F

About 4 minutes on foot from Osaka-Kou Station
About 24 minutes on foot from Asashiobashi Station
About 44 minutes on foot from Bentencho Station

Business Hours:
Mon-Sun, holidays, the day before holidays: 11: 00-21: 00 (Cooking L.O. 20:00 Drink L.O. 20:00)

Holiday: Irregular holidays


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