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Sightseeing Tokyo! 9 Things That You Like to Remember

Tokyo is the capital of Japan where gathers attention more and more for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

There are many places to see, including Shibuya/ Roppongi, a source of fashion, Asakusa where you can feel the traditional culture of Edo, Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo Tower, and the waterfront Odaiba.

Among those many spots, let me introduce, with a focus on the Tokyo 23-Ward area, to the recommended information that you like to remember if you go to Tokyo trip, and convenient points for planning.

What kind of place is Tokyo?

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and is the center city of politics, economy, and culture.

Facing Tokyo Bay of the Kanto Plain, embracing a population of nearly 14 million, it is one of the biggest cities even in the world.

Gateways for the sky are Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport) and New Tokyo International Airport (Narita International Airport).

Shinkansen Bullet Train stops at JR Tokyo station, JR Shinagawa station, and JR Ueno station.

It is connected to everywhere nationwide by air and by land.

There are also many foreign tourists, and it can be said that all the city of Tokyo is the sightseeing spots.

Those are the spots of especially popular, including downtowns like Shibuya, Harajuku, Roppongi, Shinjuku, and Ginza, Asakusa where history and culture still alive, Ueno, Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Tower, and Odaiba where there are numbers of popular facilities and shopping malls.

Also, greens, such as Meiji Jingu, Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, and the Imperial Palace, are unexpectedly many, which are also features of Tokyo.

Though Tokyo Disney Resort is located in Chiba-Prefecture, you can go there only in about 16 minutes by JR Keiyo Line from Tokyo station.

When is the best season for the Tokyo trip?

The average temperature of Tokyo in March is around 10 degrees Celsius, and a bit chilly day continues until early April.

The average temperature in April is around 15 degrees Celsius, and the average temperature in May becomes around 19 degrees Celsius.

April and May are the best season for a trip as there are many sunny days and are some warm days that you can stay in short-sleeves during day time.

But, differences in temperatures are big, so you need a jacket.

The best season for cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo is around from late March through early April.


It is rainy season from late June until around mid-July.

Although muggy days continue with high humidity, as there are many spots where you can comfortably enjoy indoors, you may not need to consider much about rain depending on where you visit.

When the rainy season ends, summer in full scale arrives.

There often are days that the temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius, and also are some extremely hot days exceed 35 degrees Celsius and above.  As air conditioning works too well on a bus and a train, you may be at ease if you bring a jacket.

In September, the late summer heat is harsh, rainy days become more through October due to an effect of the autumnal rain front.

The average temperature in September is around 25 degrees Celsius.

Also, although it is the typhoon season until October when in autumn, there is more a cloudless sunny day, so it is the best season for a trip alongside spring.

The average temperature in October is around 19 degrees Celsius, and the average temperature becomes around 13 degrees Celsius in November, so you can enjoy autumn leaves from around early November.


When in December, a cold day continues and the average temperature falls to around 10 degrees Celsius, so a thick coat and gloves are necessary.

And, the average temperature becomes around 7 degrees Celsius in January and February, the coldness becomes all the more severe, and there are some snow days.

But, snow is rarely accumulated, so when it accumulates snow, it becomes even news.

There are many events of illumination in winter, so it is a season that nightscape can be seen more beautiful.

This season is recommended if you like to enjoy glittering city of winter.

Transportation method of inside of Tokyo

Inside of the Tokyo 23-Ward, there are stretched around JRs and subways, so you can move quickly in a short time anywhere.

Especially, there are many short distance sections between stations inside of the Yamanote Line, so it may also be better trying walking in addition to strolling.

A bus on a regular route is also conveniently stretched around.


Multiple railways of Tokyo are operated mutually extended, so it is convenient but on the other hand, it is a bit complicated to understand.

When you use it, it is recommended to utilize the apps, such as Japan Transit Planner (Transfer guide).

Also, if you have prepaid transportation IC cards that are issued by railway companies nationwide, such as Suica or ICOCA, you can ride on almost all the railways and buses.

Tokyo Combination Ticket” issued by JR East Japan is also convenient, as you can ride on and get off freely JR lines (in the 23 wards of Tokyo), Tokyo Metro Subway lines, Toei Subway Lines, the Tokyo Sakura Tram (Toden Arakawa Line), and Toei Bus.

How many nights stay is the best fit for the Tokyo trip?

Unique Unusual Hotels That Are Becoming Popular in JapanStaying luxury and brilliant hotel makes your trip fun. But, that...

There are many sightseeing spots in Tokyo, which regardless of all ages and men or women can enjoy.

How many nights to stay are changed according to places to visit and route, and let me introduce some plans here.

Main spots inside of the Tokyo 23-ward— one-night stay

A one-night stay is enough just for visiting around main spots, including Tokyo Skytree, Sensoji temple, Tokyo Tower, and Meiji Jingu.

If you stay at hotels near stations of railways, such as around Ginza, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Shinagawa, and Tokyo, it is convenient to move around.

You can go sightseeing efficiently.

Main spots inside of Tokyo 23-ward and something extra — two-nights stay

It is a two-night stay if you like to enjoy something extra in addition to the main spots, like adding 4 or 5 places somewhere, going sightseeing thoroughly your favorite place, and visiting around museums.

If you have three days, you can also go to the places that are located in areas outside of 23-ward, such as Ghibli Museum-Mitaka, Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum, and SANRIO Puroland.

Main spots inside of Tokyo 23-ward and a half-day at Tokyo Disney Resort — one-night stay

Though Tokyo sightseeing is the main, there should be many people who may think that I like to enjoy a bit at Tokyo Disney Resort!, or that I like Disney more than Odaiba!

For such people, it is also possible to stay at Disney from the late afternoon of the first day until the closing time, using Starlight Passport of a good value that you can enter after 3 PM of Sat/Sun/holiday.

Full day at Tokyo Disney Resort and main spots inside of Tokyo 23-Ward— two-to-three-night stay

Conversely, for those who are greedy as you like to enjoy thoroughly at Tokyo Disney Resort and also like to visit to sightseeing spots of Tokyo!, we recommend to two-night or three-night stay.

If you utilize 2-Day Passport, you can enjoy both Disney Land and Disney Sea, in consecutive two days.

Where to stay in Tokyo?

In Tokyo, there are lined up with various types of accommodations, such as a high-class hotel of the international brands, a budget hotel for business, a reasonable capsule hotel (a type of accommodation that offers guests small rooms where they can sleep), and a hostel.

Ginza, where gather high-brand shops, is a convenient area for Tokyo sightseeing, near each station of subways and JR Yurakucho station.

Line-up of varieties of hotels, including a famous foreign-affiliated hotel, like “Hyatt Centric Ginza Tokyo” and a reasonable budget hotel for business is the charm.  As the numbers of hotels are many, let’s select according to a budget.


Also in an area of Roppongi-Akasaka, there are many hotels that you like to use for the Tokyo trip.

There are abundant varieties, including high-class hotels, such as Hotel New Otani and The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho, and a budget hotel for business users.

It is also a good point that you can move right away to each place of Tokyo as these are located in the center of Tokyo.

Shops and restaurants of hot topics gather to Shinjuku/ Shibuya.

Let’s reserve hotels in this area if you like to enjoy sightseeing without worrying about time.

As this is an area where there are many business users, not only high-class foreign-affiliated hotels but also reasonable budget hotels for business are fulfilled.

Dormy Inn Premium Shibuya Jingumae” is a popular hotel that makes you happy with a big public bath and a late-night snack service.

Visiting around museums in Tokyo

Tokyo Museum Grutto Pass” that is a common entrance ticket also with a discount for museums and art museums is convenient for those who like to visit museums and art museums.

If you use this, you can use some 95 facilities economically.

Ueno no Mori (Ueno Park) is a typical example as an area where there are many museums and art museums in Tokyo.

There gather many museums and art museums, including the National Museum of Western Art that is registered as the world cultural heritage in 2016, Tokyo National Museum, and the Ueno Royal Museum.

The common name “Museum street” between Roppongi and Hiroo is the new route of art spots, where five cultural facilities are lined up, including the Suntory Museum of Art and Yamatane Museum of Art.

Among them, “The National Art Center, Tokyo” is the fifth national museum in Japan, and the construction of full glasses emits an atmosphere of neo-futuristic.

Ryogoku is famous for the Ryogoku Kokugikan.

There are fulfilled with museums that you can feel history and atmosphere of Edo, including the Sumo Museum and the former Yasuda garden.

Especially, Edo-Tokyo-Museum was established to preserve the historical heritage of Edo-Tokyo as well as offer an opportunity that you look back to the history and culture of Tokyo.

Activities that you like to enjoy in Tokyo

There are many enjoyable activities in Tokyo.

You will know about Tokyo much deeply if you try making various experiences, not only going sightseeing just by walking.

Sumidagawa River line of “TOKYO CRUISE“, which you can cruise Sumidagawa River and Tokyo Bay is a route of 40 minutes for one way, connecting Hinode Pier, Hamarikyu, and Asakusa.

While shooting perfectly two big towers of Tokyo from the boat, and you will go to Hamarikyu Garden of an oasis in the city, and Asakusa, the popular downtown.

The cruise that you can enjoy the different landscapes of Tokyo from the usual is popular.

The cruise of a chartered boat that you can enjoy dining is also recommended.

Traditional Edo Kiriko (Glass crafts) continues from more than 200 years ago.

Techniques are inherited continuing uninterrupted in Koto-Ward and Sumida-Ward of Tokyo as the center.

The workshop, where you can experience such Edo Kiriko, is the long-standing “Sumida Edo Kiriko kan” that continues more than 100 years, and that certified as a workshop store by Sumida-Ward.

You can bring home works that you created as it is.

Why don’t you try creating the Edo Kiriko glass just only for you, only one in the world?

First Airlines” located in Ikebukuro is a facility where you can enjoy a longing trip of the First-class, using VR.

Hospitality by beautiful flight attendants as well as a series of in-flight services is present so real that you may often unintentionally have an illusion that you were inside of a real airplane.

There are also served in-flight meals of luxury full-course cooked by a first-class chef.

Let’s leave for a trip to a city that you like from Ikebukuro International Airport!

Gourmets that you wish to eat in Tokyo

If you wish to enjoy gourmets that should be of Tokyo in famous restaurants that should be in Tokyo, restaurants that are located in “the Tsukiji Outer Market”, which became also a sightseeing spot of Tokyo, and restaurants, that are located in “Toyosu Market”, which was newly established in October 2018, cannot be missed.

Especially, you can freely observe the tuna auction in Toyosu Market, and there are lined up with restaurants that serve “Edomae-zushi” of Tokyo specialty.

Some restaurants are specialized in various kinds of seafood rice bowls, so it is the charm that you can taste fresh seafood at reasonable prices.

“Japanese buckwheat noodles” is also a specialty of Tokyo.

The origin of Sarashina buckwheat noodles, one of the so-called three major buckwheat noodles that are Sarashina, Yabu, and Sunaba, is Main shop Sarashina Horii that was established in 1789.

Sarashina buckwheat noodles are very white noodles used only center parts of buckwheat’s seeds.

Elegant and beautiful buckwheat noodles became in the past also a purveyor to Edo-jo Castle, the Empress, and the house of an Imperial family.

Each of four kinds of buckwheat noodles that are made of home-made stone-ground buckwheat flour, which is ground every morning, is a masterpiece.

Speaking of the local specialty that represents Tokyo, it is “monjayaki, savory very thin pancake with cabbage and various fillings”.

Located in Tsukishima, Tokyo, the west Nakadori shopping street that is called as a monja street is crowded with tourists.

Among them, Seafood Monja “Kataoka” is famous as the first restaurant of seafood monja.

As the name shows, the restaurant serves a monja that used seafood abundantly.

Souvenirs that you wish to buy in Tokyo

Speaking of souvenirs of Tokyo, there are classics, including TOKYO BANANA Original Flavor, GOMATAMAGO, Suger Butter Sand Tree, Imo-yokan (azuki-bean jelly containing sweet potato paste), Karinto (deep-fat fried cookies), and Tokyo Hiyoko.

Among them, Tokyo Banana is a product that has been loved long since introduction in 1991 as Tokyo souvenir, and there are abundant variations.

When you visited Ueno Zoo for viewing pandas, you will surely wish to stop by ekinaka (a facility built inside of a train station) commercial complex ecute Ueno, where there are lined up abundantly with many “souvenirs of a panda“.

There are many cute confectioneries, including Japanese rusk with an illustration of a cute panda, Panda Macaron, and Tokyo Hiyoko’s Obanyaki with a baby panda mark (Japanese pancakes filled with sweet custard cream).

For those who want orthodox Tokyo souvenirs of traditional, how about confectionaries of EITARO Sohonpo, a long-standing Japanese confectionery store, that has been loved for 200 years?

“Umeboshi Ame Candy” has been popular candy for long at EITARO Sohonpo.

It is a candy that has been inherited from the Edo Period as a classic of Tokyo souvenir.

There is also “fruit candy” that is recommended as a souvenir for ladies, and “Takadono” and “Tamadare” that are limited only at the main shop are popular for matured taste.

Let’s go for a Tokyo trip in the next vacation

Tokyo is the popular sightseeing place where there are many places to see.

There is also Tokyo Disney Resort of an amusement park nearby, and it is the place where regardless of all ages from children to adults can enjoy.

Also for fully enjoying thoroughly Tokyo, please try planning your trip, referring to for sure this article.

Please check and confirm the latest information on the official sites.



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