In this article, UNKO or poop will be the subject, but it does not mean that it discusses real poop.

Poop or UNKO became a popular character in Japan in recent years.

So, this is all about UNKO as a popular character.


On August 9th, 2019, “UNKO MUSEUM TOKYO” has opened where provides “the latest amusement space” with a theme of poop, at “DiverCity Tokyo Plaza 2F” of Odaiba, Tokyo!

With a watchword of “MAX UNKO KAWAII”, let’s play with UNKO in a full blast by looking, touching, and taking photos of!

There appeared also goods and contents that were not in “UNKO MUSEUM YOKOHAMA” that had opened in a limited period until September 30th.


On August 9th, 2019, “UNKO MUSEUM TOKYO” has opened where is “the latest amusement space” with a theme of poop, at the commercial facility “DiverCity Tokyo Plaza 2F” that is located in Odaiba, Tokyo!

The concept here is “MAX UNKO KAWAII”.

It is a space where “poop is cute” is expressed.

In ASOBUILD that is directly connected to Yokohama station, “UNKO MUSEUM YOKOHAMA”, which opened only in a limited period until September 30th 2019, was so popular that about 200 thousand people entered just in four and a half months since its open.

There are also contents limited to Tokyo, so it has attractions that even those who already went to YOKOHAMA can enjoy more.


The start of “UNKO MUSEUM TOKYO” is from the point where everybody shouts as “UNKO!!!”.

Until the stereotype as “UNKO (poop) is dirty and shameful” is washed away, you will shout many times.

If you become that you can shout as “UNKO!!!” without hesitation, let’s go to “MY UNKO MAKER”.

As a lady staff cheers powerfully, you will push very hard and give the birth of brilliant MY UNKO.

The question of what color of UNKO comes out will be answered at that time, so let’s leave it for fun.

After the staff gives a stick to your MY UNKO, let’s get entered into a space of “MAX UNKO KAWAII”!

As the next to UNKO MAKER, you will go through the UNKO tunnel together with your MY UNKO and will come to “a large square” where there is an active volcano “UNKO Volcano” that disperses small UNKO.


Besides “a large square”, “UNKO MUSEUM TOKYO” is consists of “UNSTAGENIC AREA”, where is lined with cute poops, “UNTELLIGENCE AREA”, where is gathered poop goods of the world, and “UNTERACTIVE AREA”, where you can enjoy crappy poop games.

At the foot of the UNKO volcano, there is a pool of balls and poops, and you can freely play there.

As the timing of eruption is not known, when you hear the sound of count-down, let’s gather in the large square!

Let’s aim for Instagrammable photos with glittering poops!

Next to UNKO volcano, there is the new content of limited to Tokyo, “Unkonbini UNKO MART”.

Here is a photo area of a convenience store-style of Unstagenic.

You can not only shoot photos of Unstagenic using lined goods in the store but also actually buy some products, such as the UNKO hat.

* Convenience store in Japanese is Konbini,  an abbreviation of “Konbiniensu” that is pronunciation in Japanese of “convenience”.  “Unkonbini” is a mixed word of Unko and Konbini.


A shop, where about 50 kinds of UNKO goods are lined up, is located beyond the exit, but “Punipuni UNKO (cuddly and pillowy poop)” of the photo is sold limited only at UNKO MART!

As it is a MAX UNKO comfortable gripping texture, you may become like you cannot let it go.

On the Unstagenic “Ungo Neon Gate”, “UNKO” is written in different languages.

It appeared with up-scaled compared to that of Yokohama’s.

At UNKO MUSEUM TOKYO, any pose will be allowed.

Let’s shoot unique Unsta-photos more and more.

In Ai no UNKO Room (UNKO room of love), while pooping together with your loving partner, why don’t you talk about love?

Also, there are many photo spots where you can shoot Unstagrammable photos with glittering cute poops!

Surely hooked!  Numerous crappy games

“UNKO Shout” that is located in the “Unteractive area” is a game that you shout as “UNKOOOO!!”

According to a volume and length of shouted voice, various grades of UNKO, from baby chicks grade to Skytree grade, will be projected.

Let’s shout with your full blast “UNKO”, the word of taboo in usual life, and release your stress of daily life.

“Hop! Step! Jumpoo!” is a game that you earnestly chase and stomp colorful poops that are projected on a floor.

Though it is simple, if you deal with it seriously, you may use your body power much.

Don’t forget to tell “Nice UNKO!” to those who made much effort.

Recommended shooting a photo with nice UNKO timing from “a window of poop” that opened on a wall of passage side.


In the “Crappy game arcade” that is packed with “crappy games” of poop games, like crap, there are lined up crappy games that you never saw before, such as Dive into poop, In love with poop, Poop PK, etc…

* Crappy is similar to a word of rude expression of poop in Japanese.

And, the newly joined crappy game as the Tokyo limited is “Stopping UNKO falling between one’s bare hands” as shown in the photo.

It is a simple but addictive crappy game that you will catch “punipuni UNKO (cuddly and pillowy poop)” that will fall from above.

The great point of this crappy game is that it will shoot photos of from two different angles when you catch UNKO by your bare hands, and it will replay in slow motion.

The embarrassed face that becomes serious to the crappy game will be projected.

This is a game of too high quality to say that it is a crappy game, but since the first word of the one who could not catch UNKO is “Crap!!”, it is certified as a crappy game!

You can see a guardian deity at UNKO MUSEUM TOKYO!

In the “Untelligence area”, you can appreciate UNKO goods from each country of the world and paintings of UNKO that were drawn by celebrities.

Also, you can draw and leave whatever you like freely, including cute poops, realistic poops, and UNKO man, on an off-white canvas that is made with a motif of a toilet bowl.

What kind of “UNKO” do you draw?

“UNBERT’s room”, where “UNBERT”, a guardian deity of UNKO MUSEUM, is settled down, is a UNKO power spot.

When you shot a photo by surrounded with an arm of giant UNBERT, and if you set the photo as your home screen of a smartphone, it may become your lucky charm of increasing luck.

* Pronunciation of “luck” in Japanese is “UN”, which is a part of the pronunciation of “UNKO”.  This is why a photo with UNKO may be a lucky charm because the photo has a UN or luck.


Those who fully enjoyed “MAX UNKO KAWAII” may go into a toilet bowl that UNBERT holds in his arm.

But, once you are flushed, you cannot flow backward, so please be careful.

UNKO amazing assortment “UNKO Factory”

What awaits you after you were flushed from “UNBERT’s room”, and going through “Baba Galaxy NEO” that is a mysterious cosmos space is “UNKO Factory” that manufacturers various poops and poop goods of inside of UNKO MUSEUM day by day.

In UNKO Factory, there are TOKYO limited goods, including “a stuffed toy UNBERT”, “a limited T-Shirt” that has printed as “UNKO” on a chest, and “a clear file folder” of MAX UNKO KAWAII.

Also, there are about 50 kinds of MAX UNKO KAWAII goods lined up, including poop gummi candy, poop crunchy chocolate, poop cushion, poop sandals, and poop daily calendar with famous words of a day.

Let’s buy memories that will not be flushed away in water here.

In UNKO Factory, you can buy goods even without admission tickets.

It is OK to shoot a photo together with “UNBERT” that is in UNKO Factory!  As there often is a photo-shooting panel with a hole for a face, it is also good to shoot showing your face from a toilet bowl, but since there is the toilet bowl, let’s try putting through from your head in the toilet bowl.

Although usually, you cannot say easily as “UNKO”, every human being is “Unker (a person who poops)”.

At “UNKO MUSEUM TOKYO”, a taboo is crappy!

Just as instinct leads, come on everybody, Let’s UNKO!

Basic information of UNKO MUSEUM TOKYO

Address: DiverCity Tokyo Plaza 2F Aomi 1-1-10, Koto-Ward, Tokyo-Metropolitan

Access: About a three-minute walk from Tokyo Teleport station of Rinkai Line.  About a five-minute walk from Daiba station of Yurikamome.

Opening hours:  From 10 AM to 9 PM (Last admission at 8 PM)

* It may be changed according to a crowded situation.

Admission: Advance tickets Adults 1600 Yen, Children 900 Yen.  Tickets on the day of entry Adults 1800 Yen, Children 1000 Yen.

* Pre-school children are free.  But, the maximum numbers of pre-school children for one parent are three.

* There may be the case that advance tickets are sold out.

Please check and confirm the latest information on the official website.


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