Like a painting? “Monet’s pond” is a new famous sightseeing place of Gifu

Located in Itadori, Seki-City, Gifu-Prefecture, “a pond without a name” is called a common name “Monet’s pond” from its beauty.

In spring water of high degrees of transparency bloom a water lily, and a varicolored carp swims in a pond, it is just like a painting of Impressionism.

Why don’t you try visiting once the “Monet’s pond” for photo-shooting?

Monet’s pond where carp swim has high transparency

“Monet’s pond” is a reservoir that is located at the side of Nemichi Jinja Shrine of Itadori, Seki-City, Gifu-Prefecture.

It is a pond without a name that fills mysterious beauty that you will be captured in an illusion as if you were in a dream.

“Monet’s pond” is a common name and is not an official name of the pond.

The owner of “Flower Park Itadori” located nearby weeded this pond, and he planted a Japanese spatter-dock and a water lily, etc.

The carp that was used to be kept at home was brought here by local residences.

As a result, the pond like the painting of “a Water lily of Claude Monet” was born not for tourism but by the accumulation of coincidences.

Into this pond, there always flows spring water from Kogasan Mountain, and it keeps unbelievable degrees of transparency.

The average water temperature throughout a year remains constantly fixed about at 14 degrees Celsius.

The reason for high degrees of transparency of the pond is that microbes are not easy to increase because the spring water from Kogasan Mountain is hard.

The colors of a Japanese spatter-dock also change according to seasons.

Moreover, light and shade of color of the water variously changes, so you can see the beauty of different elegance of each time.

As this pond became a hot topic in SNS, including, Instagram, Facebook, and blogs, and as was taken up much in the newspapers and by the information programs, so numbers of tourists increased.

As a result, “Monet’s pond (common name)” is being introduced in official home pages of Gifu-Prefecture and Seki-City.

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Water lilies and hydrangeas are coloring the Monet’s pond

Monet’s pond extends about 40 m along a road, and you can see flowers of water lilies in a place where you walked along the pond from the shrine side.

The flowers of water lilies bloom around at 11 AM.

While strolling around the pond for about one hour, the flowers bloom one after another, so it is recommended to visit there around those hours.

Around during early summer when the flowers of water lilies bloom, there bloom also flowers of hydrangeas around “Monet’s pond”.

Hydrangeas of purple color and white color bloom in cluster on the sides of the pond, and the beautiful pond becomes all the more glamorous.

If you see carp with a heart shape, your love will be accomplished?

Among the varicolored carp provided by Itadori varicolored Carp Promotion Association that brought up from fry, there is carp with a heart-shape on the head.

So, a new topic that “if you see the carp with a heart shape, your love will be accomplished” has been also born.

Why don’t you try by all means finding the carp with a heart shape on its head from among many varicolored carp?

And, it is said that there also is carp of prayer for the victory that has a design of “V” of Victory.

It is also fun to look for it as well, isn’t it?

Monet’s pond during autumn leaves

Around November, autumn leaves color, and you can enjoy the Monet’s pond like a mirror pond.

The beauty of colorful varicolored carp that swim in the reflection of beautiful autumn leaves is Japanese-type of beauty, and you can enjoy “Monet’s pond” of different elegance from that of in early summer.

A potato doughnut of “Fudo-ya” is exquisite!

There is a cafe called “Fudo-ya” along with the National road number 256, a three-minute walk from the Monet’s pond.

If you got tired from photo-shooting at the Monet’s pond, it may be a good idea to try visiting there for a coffee-break a bit.

A doughnut made of potato is chewy and not very sweet, so is very delicious.

A drink is accompanied by one potato doughnut.

Inside the store, there is an exhibit of pictures of Monet’s pond and is showing videos, so you can see how other visitors shoot the Monet’s pond and you can enjoy so.

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Take a look at “Monet’s pond”

“Monet’s pond” is sharply increasing its popularity as a sightseeing spot where reminds the painting “a Water lily” by Monet.

Although autumn leaves is also attractive, it is recommended to visit there in early summer when the lotus flowers and hydrangea flowers are in full bloom.

By all means, please confirm the world of impressionism that exists with your eyes.


Address:Postal code 501-2901

1643-17 Itadori-Kamigase, Seki-City, Gifu-Prefecture

Access:From JR Gifu Station catch the bus on the Gifu Itatori Line and go to “Horado Kiwi Plaza”.
Then, Take the Itatori Fureai Bus and get off at Shiratani (Ajisai)Hydrangea Garden.
It’s about 150m from the bus stop to Monet’s pond.

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