Let’s run on the railway! “Rail-MTB (mountain bike) Gattan Go!” in Gifu

In Kamioka-Town, Hida-City, Gifu-Prefecture, there is an activity of a sudden booming.

To tell the truth, my father was born in Hida city and, when my father returned his home, he fond tourists were having fun riding on bicycles.

That is “Rail-MTB (mountain bike) Gattan Go!” that you can interesting experience that you can run on the railway of a discontinued line by a mountain bike. 

Where you can run on a railway by a mountain bike in Japan is only here.

Not to mention those who like a railway, but also there are made various device so that even a family can enjoy.

This time, let me introduce the charm of Gattan Go, a riding of a new sense of feeling.

Starting point is at the former Okuhida Onsenguchi station

To experience Gattan Go, you will be required to have a reservation in advance.


To make a reservation, please ask via the email address below.

For more information, visit here

If there is a vacant seat, you will be alright to register on the same day that you visit, but it is recommended that you make a reservation not participating without reservation.

Please note that it opens a business only from spring to fall as Kamioka-Town is in an area with heavy snowfall.

As you can select the types of mountain bikes, you can select a hybrid bicycle with an electric-powered (Yen 1,500 per person) and also can add a child seat.

For the one who is confident to body strength, please try challenging a standard bicycle (Yen 1,000 per person) without an electric powered.

The fee may be changed according to the types of bicycles and the numbers of persons, so please refer to the official website of Gattan Go.

The meeting point is the former Okuhida Onsenguchi station of the former Kamioka Railways.

Kamioka-Town, Hida-City, is located in a place where is not easy to access if not by car, as it takes about 55-minute drive from Hida Kiyomi IC of Tokai Hokuriku Expressway.

There will be an explanation, including cautions before you start, so please try finishing reception 15 minutes before the starting time.

Clothes that you ware shall be easy to move because you will ride on a bicycle, and let’s avoid sandals and shoes with heels.


When using public transportation

[From Takayama in Gifu]

Take the Nohi Bus bound for “Kamioka Eigoy-sho(Kamioka Sales Office)” from the Takayama Nohi Bus Center next to JR Takayama Station (about 80 minutes).

About 5 minutes by taxi from Kamioka Office.

[From Toyama]

From JR Toyama Station, take the Toyama Regional Railway Nohi Bus “Okuhida Toyama Line” bound for “Hirayu Onsen”.

Get off at the bus stop “Kyu(Former) Okuhida Onsenguchi Station” (about 90 minutes).

Run while feeling a vibration that is Gattan-Gotton (clickety-clack)!

When you start, you will be surprised by the strange feeling that you run on the railway by a mountain bike.

Let’s go forward while feeling the sound and vibration of a local line that is Gattan-Gotton (clickety-clack).

The course is about 3 km of one-way from the former Okuhida Onsenguchi station to the former Kamioka Kozan Mae station, and you can run through about in 15 minutes.

When going, it is a downward slope, so because the bike speeds up, you can enjoy the exhilarating feeling.

You go through a forest and go beside residential houses.

And nature is very rich as an area is near the mountains, so you can run feeling good.

It is a sound, vibration, and landscape that you cannot understand if not you ride on and run.

Don’t miss an abandoned station located on the way

On the course of Gattan Go, there are two abandoned stations of the former Kamioka Railways.

What cute is a mushroom-shaped restroom is the former Kamioka Ohashi station.

Where you can overview the townscape of Kamioka is the former Hida Kamioka station.

Though it is said that these are abandoned stations, the stations look clean.

So, you wish to get off a mountain bike and to shoot photos, but it is prohibited to do a stopover or to stop, as it is a danger.

Also, besides, there are some cautions.

Please listen carefully as there is an explanation before you start, including to keep the distance between bikes more than 20 m, and to light up the light when in a tunnel.

Full of thrills, Inside of a tunnel is dark

There are two tunnels in the course, and these are anyway pitch dark.

Even when you light up the light of a mountain bike, it is still dark.

You feel cool inside of the tunnels, and you may be scared a bit, but there is also somehow an enjoyable feeling of excitement.

When you go through a tunnel that is located beyond the former Hida Kamioka station, you will arrive at the former Kamioka Kozan Mae station of a turnaround point.

You can have a rest at this station, so please be at ease.

It is a good idea that you bring a towel and a plastic bottled drink.

At the resting place, there is a watering-place that is called Water of Tengu (a longnosed goblin) of Oborayama Mountain, so you can also hydrate here.

When returning, it will be a gently climbing slope.

So, as you will feel pedals heavy, please pedal with doing your best. 

You can select rides also other than a mountain bike!

At Gattan Go, there are many rides that even a family can enjoy, so it is a charm that a guest can select the rides according to a type of user.

Besides a standard and a hybrid bicycle that two persons ride, you can add an observation seat and a child seat, and also if you add a bench seat, you can run with a maximum of five persons together.

It is a very happy point for a family with children.

A tandem bicycle is for four persons ride without electric-powered, and this also is recommended to young persons who are confident to body power.

Because this is the hardest ride, you may not have any spare to enjoy the landscape.

But, because four of you will pedal as one team, your fun will double up!

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At the end

At Gattan Go, according to seasons when you ride, you can enjoy the landscape by four seasons, including cherry blossoms, fresh greens, and autumn leaves.

In 2012, it is selected as the special award of the Japan railway award, and it becomes getting popularity among Japanese tourists.

As it is sometimes crowded at weekends, please make a reservation earlier!

As there is also a possibility that the course increases in the future, you can expect.

Please try having a valuable experience at Gattan Go by all means.


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