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IZAKAYA New Style of instagrammable “TEMARI Sushi” in Fukuoka Tenjin

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Proud of the Hakata Tenjin area in Fukuoka is seafood.

Do you know a lunch set menu “TEMARI” of “IZAKAYA New Style“?

The menu attracts not only the residents, who know generally all the famous restaurants of sashimi and sushi but also Instagrammers even from outside of the prefecture.

Most of the guests who line outside of the store before the opening hours have reservations.

Of course, the menu to order is this.

As soon as it is served, you can see sightscape that guests are aiming cameras and smartphones here and there to the menu!

Let me introduce you Temari Zushi (ball-shaped Sushi) of Fukuoka foodstuffs that is very satisfactory not only with eyes but also with a tongue.

Inside the store is natural & pop.

“IZAKAYA New Style” is located on the third floor of the building of i.CUBE, nearby of Kego Jinja Shrine that is famous as an energy vortex of warding off of evil and prayer for success in exam, about a 3-minute walk from Nishitetsu Tenjin station.

From before the opening hours, especially ladies as the center, people are gathering from an elevator one after another, and hallway often becomes full.

If you wish to be sure to sit on window seats, it is a store that you will surely need to make a reservation.

The interior design looks not of Izakaya but of a cafe that is natural & pop, so it is an atmosphere that a Japanese lady even alone can easily enter.

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Locally caught fish of the season & vegetables turn to become Temari Zushi

On the canvas of a black dish are put Temari Zushi (this side of the photo) of 15 kinds in total that is 10 kinds of sashimi and 5 kinds of vegetables plus something.

This is “TEMARI” that Instagrammers all together order.

During lunchtime, it is served at Yen 980 together with “daily salad in a masu container” that is set in a masu container and with soup.

Firstly, before sounding excitement with this visual impact, many of the dining guests aim cameras to the dish.

Here and there inside of the restaurant smartphones and cameras move before chopsticks do.

By the way, the far side of the photo is “SASHIMI“, which is limited only 10 sets a day.

It is a set menu of Yen 1,480 with sashimi, rice, soup, side dish served in a small bowl, and salad in a masu container.

It is voluminous, so is a popular menu for men.

During dinner hours, only sashimi plate (assorted sashimi) is served as “SASHIMORI”.

It is Yen 480 for one person, so is a good value menu for money.

It is a popular menu as nibbles of Japanese Sake.

The confidence of a route procuring fresh fish and the spirit of the store are transmitted from the menu composition.

You can taste the fresh texture of locally caught fish of the season and umami taste that is put a little extra effort.

There, vinegared rice (rice prepared for sushi) that properly has presence makes enrich a bite.

Also, vegetables and delicacies of plus something act also as joyful side dishes.

At the side of a black plate of lava quality, rock salt, red salt, matcha salt (salt mixed with powdered green tea), and chili pepper are topped beautifully like lines.

There also are topped grated ginger and grated wasabi (Japanese horseradish) at the side of a small plate for soy sauce.

You can eat with these toppings according to each foodstuff also to your taste.

Moreover, the dried laver that is stood in the memo holder stand of a plate corner is also joyful directing…

This is also according to your taste.

You will completely understand that a reason for the popularity is the best for photo-shooting as kawaii (pretty), beautiful, and looks tasty, and in addition to it, the menu that the elaborated taste and the directing of “joy of eating” are co-existing.

Adding “a masu wine” of visually impressive menu

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In addition to the specialty menu, there is a signature alcohol drink menu that should exist in “IZAKAYA”, the name of the restaurant.

* Izakaya means a Japanese drinking place.

It is not masu-zake (sake wine in a masu container) but masu-wine (wine in a masu container).

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Just like masu-zake, a wineglass is put inside of a modern coloring masu.

Wine fill a glass to the brim, spill over and fall, and pool in the masu container.

After drink up from the wineglass, it is also good to pour wine from the masu container to the wineglass and is also good to drink directly from the mass container.

A contrasting atmosphere of a wineglass and woody masu container.

It is the menu of unique to the store that many dining guests aim cameras to the wine together with the lunch for a kawaii visual look that ladies like.

Sharply cooled, and light taste both red and white wines are perfect as lunch wines.

You may think prefer not to have red wine with fresh fish, but the red wine and the arranged Temari Zushi marinated in tamari (dark sauce) soy sauce with a topping of chili pepper are a perfect pair.

Both tamari (dark sauce) soy sauce and chili pepper are perfectly compatible with red wine.

Please try, by all means, together with the seafood menu of Fukuoka specialty production.

Try Fukuoka Tenjin “IZAKAYA New Style”

Located in Fukuoka, where proud of locally caught fish of Genkainada Sea, “IZAKAYA New Style” of Tenjin is visited by Instagrammers altogether even from outside of the prefecture.

The purpose is the visually impressive menu “TEMARI”.

Please experience the line-ups of menus that are shared by Instagrammers and repeated by epicures.



Access:3-minute walk from Nishitetsu Tenjin station.