Super cute creatures of “Marine World Uminonakamichi”

The Marine World Uminonakamichi, located in the Uminonakamichi Seaside Park, is a popular aquarium that both children and adults can enjoy.

In addition to the creatures living in the Kyushu sea, cute penguins, sea otters and dolphins are right in front of you!

Look forward to the summer seasons, such as the dolphin show with a night view of Hakata and the sea otter live, and many other attractions such as “Night Aquarium” Program is also held!

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The Marine World Uminonakamichi was renovated on November 2017

“Marine World Uminonakamichi” spreads over land-connected sandbars connecting Shiga Island and mainland Kyushu.

The Marine World Uminonakamichi, located in the resort-inspiring park, is a popular aquarium renovated throughout 2017.

The theme of the exhibition on the “Marine World Uminonakamichi” is the “Sea of Kyushu”.

“The route started with the 3F “Sea Zone near Kyushu”.

Standing in front of the Genkainada aquarium (photo above), you’ll find yourself in the sea.

The aquarium’s exhibitions include the seas near Kyushu, the open seas of Kyushu, the deep seas of Kyushu, the jellyfish of Kyushu, the dolphins close to Fukuoka, the coral reefs of Amami, the monster Island and the otter pool.

The “Diver Fish Watching” and “Sardines Typhoon” are particularly powerful at the Open Ocean Tank in Kyushu.

A must-see exhibit is “HONENOTO(sound of bone) ~ HONE NOTE”, which appeared in April 2019 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of its opening.

The huge skull of a sperm whale and the whole body skeleton of a minke whale are awesome!

The secrets hidden in the bone shapes and bones that have changed according to the living environment are a series of surprises.

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The beautiful performances of dolphins in the sea-visible showroom

The show pool where sea lion and dolphin shows are held has been renewed and further evolved!

The view of the pool and the sea from the spectator seats has improved significantly, and the stage has been closer to the spectator seats.

Sea lions and dolphins can be enjoyed right in front of you.

However, be aware that the front seats are splashing water during the show.

You can also see the sky and the sea beyond the show pool and the night view of Hakata sparkling at night.

At the sea lion show, sea lions will humorously show off their skills.

Clap to the sea lions that make a great smile!

Dolphins with high intellectual ability and curiosity are very popular with aquariums.

Dolphins can emit pulse sounds and use the sound reflected on the object to capture the characteristics of the object and communicate.

Don’t miss the dolphin show where you can enjoy such amazing jumps!

Jumping into the blue sky with the sea in the background, stunning standing swims and excellent teamwork skills, and lovely greetings that will be shown at the end …

Your heart will be got seized!

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Too pretty! Marine World idols

The various expressions of the creatures gently wrap your bittered heart and the damp heart.

You’ll be cheered up by the creatures that live in Marine World!

Among the idols at the aquarium, the otter’s loveliness is exceptional!

Sea otter playing happily, his mouth munching before the nap time, floating in the pool, napping easily… you will be killed by cuteness.

As of July 2019, only eight of the cute otters are currently housed in Japan.

Two of them are Lilo (11-year-old male) and Mana (7-year-old female), who are housed in the Midway of the Marine World.

Mana became ill on the 11th day of her birth, so she was separated from her mother, Malin, and was raised with the generous care and affection of 16 breeders.

The dying Mana was energetic and overcame a number of crises, making it the first successful example of artificial nursing in Japan!

And now there is a passion for the birth of the second generation between Mana and Lilo.

The lovely creatures with this smile are Smenari.

It is a small dolphin of the porpoise family Smenari, characterized by an average size of 160-170cm, no back fins, and a 2-3cm bulge from the back to the tail fin.

The laughing mouth and the round head with a charming character, a series of people who are killed!

To meet the sumenari, go to the “Fukuoka-no-mijikana-iruka(Fukuoka Familiar Dolphins)”.

Alice, Goten and Miku, a cute Sennali who love to find play, are waiting for you!

Full of summer pleasure!

The summer enjoyment of the Marine World Uminonakamichi is the Night Aquarium.

It was held from July 13 to July 15, from July 20 to August 31, and from 18:00 to 21:30 on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays in September in 2019.

Enjoy shows and programs in fantastic lighting, observe the creatures in the darkened aquarium, and enjoy the unique charm of the aquarium at night.

The program of the Night Aquarium is as follows.(in 2019)


・ Good night penguin (Kaiju Island Penguin Hill) 18:00
・ Seafly fireflies luminescence experiment (seafly firefly luminescence experiment venue) 18:00, 19:30
・ Evening sea otter live (2nd floor sea otter pool) 18:30
・ Sardine show of sound and light (1st floor open sea aquarium) 19:00, 20:00
・ Dolphin show at night (show pool) 19:00, 20:00


・ Good night penguin (Kaiju Island Penguin Hill) 18:30
・ Seafly firefly luminescence experiment (seafly firefly luminescence experiment venue) 19:00
・ Sardine show of sound and light (1st floor open ocean aquarium) 18:00, 19:30
・ Dolphin show at night (show pool) 20:00

During the evening aquarium program Sea Otter Live, the keeper approaches the sea otter Lilo and Mana, and uses a small video camera to tell the audience about the adorable appearance on the monitor.

Please be knocked out by the cuteness of the sea otters.

A must-see also is the fantastic “Night Dolphin Show”, which jumps back to the night view of Hakata sparkling beyond Hakata Bay.

If you are a penguin lover, don’t miss the “Penguins break time”.

In front of the penguins gathered before the break, the staff will give various explanations.

The children’s long-awaited program is “Touch Dolphins with Barefoot“, which is limited to summer vacation.

It will be held every day from July 20 (Sat) to August 31 (Sat), 2019.

Put your feet on the pool where dolphins swim and touch the dolphins!

It will be unforgettable memories for children.

open time

Weekday 1st time: 11: 45 ~, 2nd time: 15: 45 ~
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, Obon 1st: 11:30-2nd: 13:30-3rd: 16:15-
Participation fee: 700 yen (with original towel gift)
Only people over 100cm tall can participate. (Participation tickets will be sold at the hotel one hour before each event.)

A restaurant where dolphins can be seen from the water!

The gourmet spots in the middle of the Marine World are on the first floor, restaurant Reilly, and on the second floor, M-cafe.

In Restaurant Reilly, you can view the show pool from the water.

It’s an experience you can’t do to see behind the scenes of the dolphin show.

The restaurant’s popular food menus include a large-volume “Japanese-made steel-plate hamburger” and “roast beef bowl.

The pasta, noodles, udons, and hamburgers are also available.

Recommendation is a pretty dolphin curry plate.

This is a kid’s menu, but it is also OK for adults.

The popular menu on the second floor “M-cafe” is “Rakkkoman”, which is another meat dish.

“Marine World Uminonakamichi” can be easily accessed from Hakata for 30 minutes to 1 hour using vehicles, trains, and vessels (UMIKA Line).

During the summer vacation, would you like to go to the Marine World Uminonakamichi to see the beautiful creatures of the sea?

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Basic information of Marine World Uminonakamichi

Address: 18-28 Nishitozaki, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka
Telephone number: 092-6003-0400
Access: (Train) Take the JR Kagoshima Main Line from JR Hakata Station to Kashii Station, get off at JR Uminonakamichi Station, and walk for 5 minutes.

(Ship) Get off at Uminaka Line “Marine World Uminonakamichi” from Bayside Place Hakata Fugashira to Uminonakamichi

Information as of July 2019. Please refer to the official website for the latest information.


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