Ogoto Onsen Hotels and Attractions In Shiga

Although Shiga prefecture is next to Kyoto, not so many tourists visit Shiga.

It seems not so many tourist don’t know that Shiga has fascinating tourism spot and hot spring spot(onsen).

I think it’s somehow because of the image of Shiga looks countryside.

Why don’t you visit Ogoto and heal fatigue with onsen in Shiga.

Access to Ogoto Onsen

 To go Ogoto Staion it takes 20 minutes by JR Train from Kyoto Station.

From Osaka station, you need only 1 hour, but it’s necessary to transfer on Kosei Line.

Taking Kosei Line takes you to Ogoto, so please be careful not to get Tokaido Line.

From Ogoto Station, you can walk to Hotels and Onsen in 15 minutes or bus 102, 103 goes to Ogoto Onsen Hotel bus stop in 2 minutes.

Note that bus 102 and 103 comes only once or twice in an hour, so it might be faster to walk.

Ogoto Onsen Hotel bus stop is next to Ogoto Onsen Station bus stop.

At Ogoto Onsen Hotel bus stop, there are Hotels and Onsens nearby.

*I think weak transportation is one of the reasons why tourists are not so familiar with Ogoto.

In fact, Shiga is a little bit countryside-like prefecture…

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Hotels in Ogoto Onsen

Although Ogoto is small area, there are good enough hotels.

It’s hard to introduce of all hotels, so take a look at some awesome hotels.


Yumotokan is one of the most popular hotels in Ogoto.

The hotel has 7 onsen, so you won’t get bored with the views of Biwako.

Especially, the evaluation of cuisine is high.

There are a lot of voice that the cuisine is not only delicious but also amazing appearance make you satisfied visually.

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Yuzanso is also popular hotel in Ogoto.

The reason for the popularity is the rooms of hotel.

Usually open-air bath is the bath to share with guests.

However, Yuzanso has rooms that have a open-air bath in their rooms.

This should be thankful for foreigners who are hesitate to take bath sharing the bath.

Biwako Ryokusuitei

Ryokusuitei is located where it takes 20 minutes from Ogoto Onsen Statioin.

Bus will be picking up you if you make a reservation in advance.

The hotel offers many kinds of cuisines in each season, and in winter you can eat Kamonabe, the specialty of Shiga.

*Kamonabe is duck hot pot.

What is popular in Ryokusuitei is the rooms attached with Open-air bath that allows you to view Biwako, taking bath.

Ryokusuitei is recommended for those who have never visited Ogoto Onsen on your foot.

Ogoto Onsen Biwako Hanakaido

image by

Hanakaido is where it takes 15 minutes from Ogoto Onsen Statioin on your foot.

There are objects made of seasonal flowers in various places in the hotel, and some people stay here, looking forward to these objects.

Also Hanakaido has a commitment to food, serving course menu of Oumi Beef, the specialty beef.

Hanakaido is recommended for those who want to enjoy and cuisines, enjoying onsen.


Kotoyu is 22 minutes walk from Ogoto Onsen Station and is 5-minute free shuttle bus from Ogoto Onsen.

Located near Lake Biwa, you can enjoy a beautiful lake view from the room.

There is a spa resort called “Agaryanse” next door, and if you stay Kotoyu, spa is available on your favorite day for free.

There are many facilities such as open-air baths and bedrock baths, so it is recommended for those who want to enjoy various hot springs slowly.

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Features of Onsen in Ogoto

Ogoto neaby Mt.Hiei has 1200 years of long history.

Regarding of origin of Ogoto Onsen, long ago, spring water in Ogoto region was famous, since it had been said that the water heal any kinds of diseases.

In early 1900s, research of the spring water was made.

After the research, the water turned out to be water that contain radium.

Effects of Hot Spring

As written before, since it’s radium onsen, Ogoto Onsens have good effects on your body.

It is said that radium onsen promotes metabolism by expanding blood vessel and is effective for diseases such as neuralgia.

In addition, Ogoto Onsen’s water is alkaline.

So, for women, your skin would be smooth by soaking your body in onsen.

Ogoto onsen is so-callded “hot water of beauty” in Japan.

Onsen with View of Biwako

You can overview Biwako from onsen since Ogoto Onsen is located along Lake Biwa.

After enjoying activities such as Kyoto, Osaka or Shiga, time of bliss would heals your fatigue.

Attractions When you visit Onsen in Ogoto

Here are attractions where we wish you to see when you visit Ogoto Onsen.

Because Ogoto Onsen is located in west in Shiga prefecture, let me introduce attraction that are located west side.

Metasequoia Avenue

Located at west northern part of Ogoto Onsen, Metasequoia Avenue is there.

There are more than 500 of trees are standing and the avenue continues for 2.4 kilometers.

You can enjoy the superb view in 4 seasons.

Because it is located a bit countryside place, Metasequoia Avenue is not so crowded.

It is a hidden and instagrammable spot.

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Access: 50 minutes from JR Ogoto Onsen Station to JR Makino Station

Catch a Community Bus Makino Highlands Route from JR Makino Station.

It takes about 10 minutes

Address: 835-1 Takubo, Makino-cho, Takashima City, Shiga Prefecture

Biwako Valley

Biwako Valley has a ropeway, so you can overlook Lake Biwako from there.

There are many of attractions, and the zipline which you can enjoy a large panorama and the skywalker where you can walk in the sky are very popular.

During the winter season, the resort turns into a ski resort where you can enjoy one of the best views in Japan, and many skiers visit to enjoy the scenery and skiing.

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Access: 15 minutes from JR Ogoto Onsen Station to Shiga Station.

Then, catch the bus which takes 10 minutes to get on ropeway.

Finally, ropeway takes you to Biwako Valley

Address: 1547-1 Kido, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture

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Map of Attractions when you visit Ogoto Onsen


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