5 Hotels In Himakajima Island

Himakajima Island is an isolated island that floats on Mikawa Bay, and that belongs to Minami-Chita-Town, Chita District, Aichi-Prefecture.

All areas are included in Mikawa-wan Quasi-National Park, and it is a small island that you can go around by walking slowly in about two hours.

It is fulfilled with marine activities, of course, and experience events as playing with dolphins.

It is a resort area where you can enjoy strolling and cycling and can spend your time relaxed.

Also, it is famous as “an island of octopus and blowfish”, and you can find restaurants of octopus dish and landscape of drying octopus everywhere on the island.

Blowfish dish is classic of taste in winter, and you may wish to taste full-course, including sashimi and hot-pot of blowfish that is caught in the Enshu-nada Sea.

Please check and select the stay plans for reservation by all means.

I will introduce you to the recommended hotels & inns on such Himakajima Island.

The situation of hotels on Himakajima Island

The main areas for staying on Himakajima Island

Accommodation facilities of Himakajima Island are located scattered as if surrounding the coastal area of the island.

There are many inns with a cozy-looking atmosphere elaborated on a plan, including an inn that is proud of guest rooms of ocean-view overlooking the sea, an inn with an open-air bath, and an inn of Asian taste.

Dishes are of course seafood dishes.

It is the charm that you can fully enjoy tasting Himakajima Island specialties, to begin with, an octopus, at dinner and breakfast.

For the one who likes to stay reasonably in a low budget, there is also Minshuku (a private home that runs inn providing room and board) that is good for beds only.

Access to Himakajima Island

Himakajima Island is the nearest island from Nagoya and is located only in about 2.4 km from the edge of the Chita-hanto Peninsula.

An express boat and a ferry are operated regularly from Morozakiko-Port to Himakajima Island.  Both an express boat and a car ferry take about a 20-minute ride.

There is also operated a regular express boat from Kowako Port that is located in Mikawa Bay to Himakajima Island.

Please note that on Himakajima Island, there are two boarding places for express boats (Nishiko Port and Higashiko Port) and one boarding place for ferries (Hokuko Port).

Main sightseeing spots on Himakajima Island

Himakajima Island that floats on Mikawa Bay is rich in green island, the whole land of which is designated as Mikawa-wan Quasi-National Park.

Seafood, including octopus in summer and blowfish in winter, are the specialties of tourism.

It is famous for “octopus trap pot fishery”, which is rarely found today, is taken place that fishermen sink trap pots catching octopuses.

On the high land of Sunrise Beach near Higashiko Port, there is “Heidi’s swing”, and it is much popular as it is a good photo place for SNS.

At Sunset beach that is one another beach, there is held an event playing with dolphins.

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Specialties and gourmets on Himakajima Island

Himakajima Island is called “an island of octopus”.

There is a legend that a big octopus by clinging saved a statue of Amida Nyorai Buddha that was caught and pulled up in fisherman’s net.

You cannot miss an octopus from specialty foods.

You can fully enjoy an octopus dish that you cannot usually taste, including to start with boiled whole octopus, deep-fried and Shabu-shabu (a Japanese hot pot dish), and Tako-meshi (Japanese steamed rice with octopus).

In winter, you can enjoy also a lively fresh blowfish dish.

“Takou Manju (bean-paste bun)”, which is a dough that is made of fresh eggs of local Chita production and filled with mild smooth red-bean paste is popular also for souvenirs as it is of the cute shape of octopus and blowfish.

Introduce the recommended hotels on Himakajima Island!

Himakajima Isuzukan

The first hotel from the recommended hotels & Inns that you like to stay at around Himakajima Island is “Himakajima Isuzukan“.

It is a hotel of ocean view that you can view the beautiful sunset.

A lobby full of Asian taste and a wood deck of openness is filled with a resort feeling.

Modern and stylish guest rooms are calm and relaxed space.

The view is superb, and you can slowly relax while viewing the setting sun to the sea.

The guest room with an open-air bath is recommended.

Baths that you can enjoy each different taste, such as an octopus trap pot bath of round shape and fine view bath are the pride of the hotel.


Address: 15 Araihama, Himakajima-Aza, Minami-Chita-Town, Chita-District, Aichi-Prefecture

Access: Meitetsu Nagoya station –> Kowa-station, Kowa-line –> Kowako Port by a shuttle bus –> Nishiko Port, Himakajima Island by a boat

Check-in time: 3 PM, check-out time: 10 AM

Hotel Himakasou

The second hotel from the recommended hotels & Inns that you like to stay at around Himakajima Island is “Hotel Himakasou“.

It is the hotel of Japanese style guest rooms and all the guest rooms are ocean view.

It is a comfortable space where you can feel the scent of the sea and the sea breeze.

In summer, it is crowded with people who enjoy sea bathing.

In a spacious large bath, please be healed slowly, while viewing the sea beyond a garden.

You can luxury taste dishes of seasonal fresh seafood, starting with specialty octopus dish.

In winter, there visit many tourists for the purpose of tasting the exquisite blowfish dish.

Please fully enjoy by all means the taste that you can only enjoy on the island.


Address: Ryuukai 15, Himakajima-Aza Ooaza, Minami-Chita-Town, Chita-District, Aichi-Prefecture

Access: A 10-minute ride on a boat from Morozakiko Port, the edge of Chita Hanto Peninsula!

Check-in time: 3 PM, check-out time: 10 AM

Takumi Kanko Hotel

The fourth hotel that I recommend from the hotels & Inns that you like to stay at around Himakajima Island is “Takumi Kanko Hotel“.

From a guest room with wide windows, there expands the landscape of the sea all around, and you will be healed by the sound of a wave as BGM.

All the guest rooms are fully equipped with baths.

Both of your mind and body will be healed with an open-air bath viewing the sea.

Dishes that are used abundantly luxury foodstuff, including fruits of the sea, such as, of course, an octopus, Japanese lobster, and Japanese tiger prawn, and then Chita beef, are the pride.

You can eat very much the luxury dishes, besides, the hotel is reasonable in price.

It is the recommended hotel that is very good value for the price.


Address: 38 Nishi-Nagamine, Himakajima, Minami-Chita-Town, Chita-District, Aichi-Prefecture

Access: Take Toyotetsu bus from Toyohashi station to Irakoko Port, and there take an express boat (about 30 minutes) to Himakajima.

Check-in time: 3 PM, Check-out time: 10 AM

Island Hotel Urashima

The next hotel that I introduce from the recommended hotels & Inns that you like to stay at around Himakajima Island is “Island Hotel Urashima“.

It is the hotel located on the high land of the island.

Your mind will be healed with starry sky and the sunset setting on the sea.

It is the pride of the hotel that you can enjoy the island dish in full scale.

You can taste abundantly fresh fruit of the sea and homegrown vegetables that are raised with great affection and care by a young master.

Kaiseki cuisine of four seasons (Kaiseki cuisine: a course-style meal offered at dinner)  includes lined up exquisite heartful dishes that value seasonal tastes.

Please fully enjoy the number of dishes also presented beautifully.

As you can relax with delicious dishes and a bath that you can feel at ease, you can spend a blissful time.


Address: 21 Kumanomae, Himakajima, Minami-Chita-Town, Chita-District, Aichi-Prefecture

Access: About a 60-minute ride by an express boat from Toba station of Kintetsu to “Himakajima”/  Toyooka IC of Minami-Chita Doro Road –> About a 10-minute ride by an express boat from Morozaki.

Check-in time: 2:30 PM, check-out time 10 AM

Himaka Kanko Hotel

The hotel that I recommend at the last from the hotels & Inns that you like to stay at around Himakajima Island is the “Himaka Kanko Hotel“.

You can of course widely view the sea from a lobby, an open-air bath, and a guest room.

On a terrace that faces the sea, there are located comfortable chairs, and it is a space that you can relax slowly.

While hearing the sound of waves, you can read a book or take a nap, so your daily fatigues will be released and you will be healed.

Types of guest rooms are Japanese style rooms as the center and there are also two twin rooms.  Please select your preference.

Used abundantly blessed fresh foodstuff, dishes that are presented lively and powerfully are also exquisite.


Address: Himakajima, Minami-Chita-Town, Chita-District, Aichi-Prefecture

Access: From Himakajima Nishiko Port, a 5-minute drive by car/ about a ten-minute walk.

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Map of hotels around Himakajima Island


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