12 gourmet for eating around in Osu Shopping District, Nagoya

Local writer will introduce plenty of food to eat at Osu shopping district in Nagoya , Aichi!

Osu is the origin of Nagoya’s trend of gourmet, sweets and culture.

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Lively and powerful Osu shopping district is so suitable for eating around because there are many gourmet spots.

Osu’s unique foods will be introduced here such as multi-national gourmet and rolled ice cream that are hot topic on SNS.

So please be looking forward to!

“Eating around” is fine, but “don’t eat while walking” in Osu

Before the introduction of stores, we have a request that we want you to keep.

Many tourists are visiting Osu shopping district and, among of them sometimes eat food while walking on the Osu Street.

Please stop it because it’s annoying other customers and shops.

So please eat around keeping mannars.

Recommended Gourmet for “eating around” in Osu Shopping District

New Sensation Soul Food Recognized by Nagoya Locals: “Tebasaki Musume”

If you want to try Nagoya’s specialty tebasaki (chicken wings) in Osu, “Tebasaki Musume,” a dedicated tebasaki shop, is highly recommended.

In the “Tebasaki Summit 2022” held in June 2022, they sold 11,000 wings in three days and won the gold prize by popular vote. Due to its popularity, they opened a store in Osu in August 2022 where you can dine in.

While most tebasaki places serve wings in a “U” shape for easy eating, here they meticulously dismantle each wing. They finish it in a way that allows you to eat with one hand without getting your hands too dirty.

By the way, the name “Tebasaki Musume” was given because the meat part looks like a one-piece dress.

Takeout is available for orders starting from three wings, and during the interview, we chose three popular flavors out of the total 12. From left to right, there’s the must-try “Original” (165 yen) where you can directly enjoy the base sweet sauce, the appetizing “Teri Mayo Garlic” (165 yen) with garlic, and the fragrant “Negi Shio Sansho” (165 yen).

They are double-fried in low-temperature and high-temperature oil, so the skin is crispy, and the meat is juicy and firm.

Inside the store, there are several standing seats, creating a comfortable atmosphere even for solo diners. Discover your favorite flavor and try changing the taste using the condiments available at each table.


Address: 3-42-23 Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
Business Hours: 11:00-22:00 (Last order at 21:30)
Regular Holiday: Wednesday

Goheimochi Rice Cakes / Osu Goheimochi Store

Osu Goheimochi Store is located just behind Osu Kannon.

A female store owner from Ena City, Gifu Prefecture, serving the taste of her hometown, Gohei Mochi, which opened in December 2018.

Gohei Mochi is baked rice cake topped with source such as miso.

180 yen / piece and, 150 yen / piece for 2 or more pieces

Using Goshihikari(rice) from Ena in Gifu, grown by a farmer who is a classmate of the shopkeeper, Gohei mochi is handmade in every morning.

There are two types, the classic “walnut plenty miso” and the “Nagoya red miso”, all of which are handmade in the shop.

Gohei-mochi is made by crushing cooked rice so that the texture of the rice grain remains a little, then rounding and sticking it on a skewer.

Then, carefully baked one by one after the order is placed, so they always provide fresh gohei mochi.

Baking slowly until it turns brown, then add homemade sauce.

The old-fashioned “walnut plenty miso” is a classic taste of Ena in Gifu.(left side in photo)

There are plenty of nuts such as walnuts, and it feels a little rich.

Aka(red) miso” made from Nagoya’s red miso has a slightly addictive on ginger flavor and a rich but refreshing aftertaste(right side in photo).

It is made of 3 bite-sized dumplings, so it’s easy for women and children to eat.

Gohei mochi is 180 yen (tax included) for one and 300 yen (tax included) for two, so it’s reasonable price.


Since the shop is operated by only one person, the number owner can provid per day is limited.

It will end as soon as it is sold out, so it is recommended to visit early!


Address: 1st Floor, Kitano Building, 2-12-12 Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Business hours: 11: 30-19: 00 (closes as soon as sold out)
Regular holiday: Wednesday / Thursday (For information on temporary business and closures, see Twitter)
Access: 2 minutes on foot from Exit 2 of Osu Kannon Station on the Subway Tsurumai Line

Mini barger, / ROCKIN ROBIN Osu store

Right next to Kamimaetsu Station on the subway Meijo Line / Tsuruma Line, “ROCKIN ‘ROBIN Osu Store” is standing.

It is a hamburger shop based on the concept of America in the 1950s.

The signboard menu is a hamburger made of 100% Japanese beef that is baked after receiving an order!

The photo shows “Eating Walk Sliders(walk and eat)” (540 yen per piece, 810 yen for 2 pieces, 1,080 yen for 3 pieces / tax included)

Sliding Eats Sliders(walk and eat)” is perfect for eating around because it is easy to eat with a bite size.

A cute mini burger is topped on a spicy potato, so it looks very cute.

The special buns developed for “ROCKIN ‘ROBIN” are sandwiched between Japanese beef patty sweetened with Hida beef, cheese, homemade tartar sauce and brown sauce.

You would feel that the hamburger is not like mini-sized because of the punchy taste of the homemade sauce, which has plenty of spices and, which overflows out of the buns.

The fried potatoes are also seasoned served with original spices, so the taste is unstoppable!

When you order “Eating Walk Sliders(walk and eat)”, you can choose the number of mini burgers from 1 piece (540 yen / tax included), 2 pieces (810 yen / tax included), and 3 pieces (1,080 yen / tax included).

It’s cheaper to order 2 pieces or more, so it’s good to ask and share with your friends, boyfriend and girlfriend.


Address: Oda Building 1F, 3-44-20 Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
Business hours: 11: 30-22: 00 (L.O.21: 00)
No regular holiday
Access: 30-minute walk from Exit 8 at Kamimaetsu Station on the Meijo and Tsurumai Subway Lines

Scone sand / KANNON COFFEE

A coffee shop near Osu Kannon where you can take a break while walking around Osu.

KANNON COFFEE“, which celebrates its 5th anniversary in 2019, is a coffee shop known to those who know, that sometimes joins a famous festival.

We offer specially-made homemade drinks and baked confectioneries that do not use any preservatives, fragrances or colorings at reasonable prices.

They offer specially-made homemade drinks and baked confectioneries at reasonable prices, that do not use any preservatives, fragrances or colorings.

In addition to the standard hand-drip coffee, KANNON COFFEE offers a wide variety of menus, such as homemade caramel latte and homemade syrup soda.

3 or 4 new drinks menus are created in each month!

The “Scone Sand” in the photo sandwiches the seasonal food with homemade scones that is perfect for eating around osu.

The photo of left is “Strawberry and Mascarpone Salt Sand” and “Homemade Caramel Latte”.

Got attracted by the variety of menus, this time we ordered “Strawberry and Mascarpone Salt Sand” and “Homemade Caramel Latte”.

“Strawberry and Mascarpone Salt Sands” with fresh strawberry and mascarpone cheese cream accented with coffee flavor is truely a snack for adults.

Of course, compatibility with coffee is also excellent.

As the type of scone sand changes from time to time, you can be excited thinking like this, “What kind of flavor can I meet today?”

Exquisite scorch is added to the caramel cooked in the shop, and the “homemade caramel latte”, which is matched with espresso and warm milk, has a bittersweet taste and there are many male repeaters!

Shop clerks add charred to caramel cooked in the store and mix it with espresso and warm milk.

It is convincing that there are many male repeaters of “Homemade Caramel Latte” for its bittersweet taste.


Address: 2-6-22 Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Business hours: 11: 00-19: 00
Regular holiday: / none ※ There is a change only during the year-end and New Year holidays
Access: 4-minute walk from Exit 2 of Osu Kannon Station on the Tsurumai Subway Line

Cheese hot dog / “Hammadan” Korean street cuisine

Hanmadan is located along Shintenchi-dori street, behind the Otsu-dori streets, where you can easily enjoy Korean street food.

It is a homely shop run by a Korean father and a Japanese mother.

You will be attracted by the variety of menus.

First, what we would like to introduce is “Hottoku”, a Korean hot cake.

“Honey flavor”, which is a dough imported directly from Korea and wrapped with a mixture of brown sugar, cinnamon and nuts, is a popular menu.

More than 70% of customers order “Hottoku”.

After receiving the order, the dough is rolled and baked one by one on an iron plate as shown in the photo.

The owner says “It’s our commitment to grill the sides well”.

The baked “Hottoku” is crispy outside and moist inside!

The melted brown sugar’s mellow texture and the cinnamon were effective, and it would make everyone happy.

There are also cheese flavor and kimchi cheese flavor, so if you like cheese, try it!

The photo of left is “Cheese hot dock” (400 yen / tax included).

Plenty of hot mozzarella cheese is coming out of inside!

Another signboard menu is the Korean hot dog “Cheese Hot Dock”, which is popular among youngers.

Once you bite it, hot cheese stretches from inside.

The surface of “Cheese Hot Dog” of “Hanmadan” is coated by sugar, so it’s very crispy.

Sweet taste with plenty of ketchup and honey mustard is perfect for snacks or light meal.


Address: 3-19-8 Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
Business hours: 11: 00-20: 00 (Closes as soon as sold out)
No regular holiday
Access: 4 minutes on foot from Exit 8 at Kamimaetsu Station on the Meijo and Tsurumai Subway Lines

Taiwanese baked paozu(steamed bun) / Paopaotei

Even in the Osu shopping district where the gourmet shops are crowded, many tourists are line up in front of “Paopaotei“.

Paopaotei specializes in bite-sized Taiwan baked steamed bun, run by shop owner who had been training underneath Taiwanese restaurants and saying, “I want to offer this flavor!”

“Paozu” is a baked steamed bun, and both dough and stuffings are homemade.

The stuffings are laid overnight to let the flavor adapt, but the green onions are chopped just before cooking to leave the “crispness”!

Carefully hand-wrapped by chefs and fermented like bread, making it chewy and firm texture.

Moreover, to pull out the chewy and firm texture, it is the Paopaotei’s style that boiling with plenty of hot water before baking.

There are two flavors of baked paozu: meat broth (Loupao) left in photo and plenty of cabbage (Zaipao) right in photo.

Both of them are 180 yen.

What we want you to eat for the first time is the juicy Loupao that overflows from once you bit it.

Loupao taste like a heavy xiaolongbao by mixing hand-made soup with plenty of collagen made from pork bones and vegetables into stuffings .

Zaipao is like a healthy Chinese buns are packed with roughly chopped cabbage and shiitake mushrooms.

Regulars of Paopaotei say “once eaten, you will be addicted”.

It’s worth eating even if you you line up in the row!

If you have space in your stomach, it is recommended to compare two of them.


Address: 3-20-14 Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
Business hours: [weekdays] 11: 30-20: 00 [Saturday, Sunday and public holidays] 11:00-20:00 (ends as soon as sold out)
Regular holiday / Wednesday
Access: 3-minute walk from Exit 8 of Kamimaetsu Station on the Subway Meijo and Tsurumai Lines

Classic Carnival Delight with Enhanced Cuteness – “ar.”

At the apple candy specialty store “ar.(アール)” originating from Nagoya, you can enjoy the classic festival treat, apple candy, on a daily basis. The first store opened in Osu, and within just two years, they expanded to Osaka’s Amerikamura and Matsuyama in Ehime, gaining popularity, especially among the younger generation.

Apple candy flavors include cocoa, matcha, and raspberry, totaling nine varieties. We chose the classic “Apple Candy Plain” (650 yen). Made with seasonal apples, it was the top-ranked “San Fuji” from Aomori prefecture during the visit.

You can choose between the classic style on a stick and the easy-to-eat cut style for the apple candy. Enjoy the crispy texture of the candy and the crunchy texture of the apple at the same time. The abundance of apple juice that spreads throughout the mouth is surprising. The balance between sweetness and acidity is outstanding.

As it is a popular shop, if you want to avoid queuing or ensure your purchase, reservations can be made through the official Instagram DM. Please note that same-day reservations are not accepted.



Address: KG Building, 3-22-30 Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
Business Hours: 11:00-19:00 (Closes when sold out) Irregular holidays
Access: 3 minutes walk from Exit 8 of Tsurumai Line’s Imaike Station

Sweet Happiness Available for 100 Yen – “Shinsuzume Main Store”

A specialty of Osu Shopping Street is the dumplings from “Shinsuzume Main Store,” loved by people of all ages since ancient times.

It’s so popular that long lines form on holidays. The dumplings come in two flavors, mitarashi and kinako, both priced at 100 yen each. Some people order both and enjoy a dual experience.

They hand over your order right after you order, so have your change ready for a smooth transaction.

The mitarashi dumplings, with a moderate char, come with five small dumplings per stick. They are dipped in a secret sauce that has been passed down for 50 years, and the subtly sweet soy sauce flavor provides a comforting taste that’s hard to believe for 100 yen.

After eating, dispose of the skewer in the case next to the entrance.


Address: 2-30-12 Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
Business Hours: 12:00-19:00


Brazilian fried gyoza & chicken croquette / OSSO BRASIL

Among many multinational restaurants in Osu Shopping District, the store emits presence is OSSO Brasil, a long-established Brazilian restaurant.

The staff are all Brazilian.

You can enjoy 4 flovors of Brazilian fried gyoza (pastel) is : beef, chicken, cheese, and cheese and tomatoes.

This time, we tried the beef flavor.

Minced beef and olive fruits are wrapped in crispy pie.

With the olive accents on the juicy meat, you can enjoy the whole dish without getting bored even with this volume.

You can enjoy the whole dish without getting bored even with this volume because of the accents of olive andjuicy meat.

Next we tyied was Chicken Croquette (Cosinha), which has drop-shaped form.

It is a simple and nostalgic flavor of Brazilian home-cooked chicken, wrapped by mashed potatoes.

It’s a bit of spicy chicken.

You will be addicted by potato’s moist feeling!

It’s the pleasure of eating around that you can eat fried food immediately.

Although it should be a bit hard? to eat around, we would like to introduce roasted chicken, the OSSO BRASIL’s specialty.(1,800 yen)

If you look around the restaurant where old and young, men and women, such and families are eating, you can almost always find this “chicken roast” on every table.

According to the concept, “If you step in, you’ll be in Brazil!”, you might forget that you are in Japan.

Why don’t you visit the OSSO BRASIL to get cheered by Brazilian atmosphere?


Address: 3-41-13 Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Business hours: 10: 30-19: 30
Regular holiday / Irregular holiday * Please contact the store directly
Access: 5-minute walk from Kamimaetsu Station on the Subway Meijo Line and Tsurumai Line

Taiyaki / Taifukucha-an

In front of Osu Kannon, they have been continuing more than 10 years, and reoped 2018.

Taifukucha-an is specialty store of taiyaki.

Nagoya Iccho Yaki, which is carefully baked one by one with its own mold, is loved by locals from children to the elderly as a traditional “Natural Taiyaki”.

Baked by rolling on a mold that weight 2kg that has been inherited from the predecessor, “Natural Taiyaki” is thin and crispy outside, but inside is hot.

Bean paste is modest in sweetness, and even though the bean paste is tightly packed to the tail, it is easy to eat.

So, there are many people who eat two or three fish!

It costs 173 yen.

Taifukucha-an offers homemade bean past flavor, custard and seasonal bean past that change every 2 or 3 months.

Cherry blossoms in spring, chestnuts in autumn, and sweet potatoes and purple potatoes in winter…

Let’s taste the four seasons of Japan with Taiyaki.


Address: 2-18-2 Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
Business hours: 11: 00-19: 00
Regular holiday / Wednesday
Access: 3-minute walk from Exit 2 of Osu Kannon Station on the Subway Tsurumai Line

Enjoy the New Texture of “Amazake Kamakura”

Next, let’s introduce a Japanese drink. The specialty shop for warabimochi, “Amazake Kamakura,” offers a warabimochi drink with a melt-in-your-mouth texture that becomes addictive.

The shop’s signature menu item is the “Kamakura Warabimochi,” which sells 5,000 pieces nationwide every day. In addition to dining in, they also offer items that make great souvenirs.

Here, we introduce the “Warabimochi Drink with Asakawaen Matcha (ICE)” (¥680). You can thoroughly enjoy the flavor of matcha itself, and when mixed with the whipped cream, it becomes even smoother. The warabimochi at the bottom is seasoned with black honey, creating a perfect balance with the bitterness of matcha. The warabimochi is finely crushed into an easy-to-eat size, providing a pleasant throat sensation, allowing you to smoothly drink it. You can choose between the S size and regular size based on your level of hunger.


Address: 1F Osu Geka Building, 3-39-36 Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
Business Hours: 11:00-18:00

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Exquisite Blend of Sourness and Sweetness at “LEMOTTO”

For a refreshing palate cleanser during your food journey, how about a light lemonade? “LEMOTTO” is a popular lemonade specialty store located along Shintenchi-dori, known for its charming packaging.

The “Lemonade R Size (ICE)” (¥400) is served in a unique pouch-shaped container. It has none of the typical bitterness of lemons and leaves a refreshing aftertaste. The reason behind this is that each lemon peel is manually peeled thickly. The point is also that they use a cold-press method to extract the juice, preserving the nutrients.

Additionally, there are 11 other flavors to choose from, including freshly squeezed lemonade with a juicy fruitiness, and flavored lemonades using strawberries and peaches.


Address: 1F Manmatsuji Building, 3-30-40 Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
Business Hours: 11:00-19:00 (※ Winter hours may vary, and there is a scheduled closure in February 2023) 

Enjoy food in Nagoya and Osu Shopping District

how was the gourmet of Osu with various variations, from the traditional taste of store to the new feeling sweets that is hot on SNS?

Osu Shopping District where you can enjoy gourmet, shopping and street performances is the entertainment town in Nagoya!

Please come and visit.

This information is as of May 2019.

Please check the latest information on the official website.

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