6 hot spring resorts near Nagoya, Try Onsen In Nagoya!

Modern super sento (public bathhouses) have evolved into luxurious ‘resorts’ with high-quality facilities.

It’s not just about natural hot springs anymore.

We recommend Nagoya’s hot spring resort where you can spend a relaxing day.

Nagoya has few hot springs, so there are some hot springs a bit far from the stations. Please give them a try!

Sannou Onsen Kita no Yu

Located near Nagoya Station, Sannou Onsen Kita no Yu is not only popular among locals but also frequented by travelers.

With spacious outdoor baths, you can enjoy nine different baths, including carbonated baths and hydrogen baths.

The rock baths offer four types of experiences, such as rooms enveloped in Chinese medicinal herbs and rooms covered with germanium.


1. How about a special fresh juice after bathing?

Made from fresh ingredients such as fruits and vegetables, it’s not only delicious but also good for your health.

2. Relax with popular relaxation treatments.
There are nine different specialty shops offering body care, Thai massage, foot reflexology, esthetics, mugwort steam, and Akasuri, allowing you to unwind at your own pace.


Approximately 5 minutes on foot from “Meitetsu Sannou Station”.

Yuto Pia Takara

Located 7 minutes on foot from JR Kasadera Station, just south of Nippon Gaishi Hall, the 24-hour open-air bathhouse “Yuto Pia Takara” boasts 30 different baths, including 14 open-air baths.

Main attractions include the “Ishi no Yu” utilizing natural stones and the large cypress bath, known as the “Ki no Yu.”

You can enjoy various baths such as jacuzzis, walking baths, carbonated springs, and artificial hot springs (male/female alternation on a monthly basis).

Almost every day, there is some event, and an exciting surprise awaits the first 50 people to the lockers for men and women.

They offer a variety of sauna meals, including “Mapo Tofu,” “Tantanmen,” and “Kimchi Fried Rice,” perfect for after sweating in the sauna.

Starting from late March 2023, a BBQ space has opened, allowing you to enjoy activities from lodging to entertainment all day long.


1. Amazing Entertainment Services!
Various entertainment services are available, including a “Theater Room” where you can watch popular movies for free, seven karaoke rooms for 1 to 10 people, a “Free Manga Library” with 12,000 books and magazines, a game corner, a table tennis corner, a fitness studio, a kids’ space, and eight relaxation spots. You can choose the healing method according to your mood.

2. Staying Overnight is Also a Good Option!
While using it as a day trip hot spring is great, here you can also stay at the adjacent Nagoya Kasadera Hotel at an affordable rate, allowing you to relax at your own pace. There are nine types of rooms, and you can enjoy a buffet with about 30 types in the morning.

3. Well-Equipped Sauna
In the “Kaen Sekifusou” sauna of the “Ki no Yu,” there is an automatic sauna throw, and in the “Kaen Sekifusou” sauna of the “Ishi no Yu,” a self-throw is possible. Starting from March 3, 2023, an automatic sauna throw will also be installed in the “Tower Sauna” of the “Ishi no Yu.” In addition to this, a mist sauna and a freezing sauna are also available. On weekdays at 4 PM, 6 PM, and 8 PM, entertainment sauna throws are held in the men’s sauna room.


7 minutes on foot from JR Kasadera Station

Natural Hot Spring Urbanqua SPA & LIVING

Urbanqua is a natural hot spring that you can enjoy in the city center.

A natural hot spring gushing from 800 meters underground.

With effects such as fatigue recovery and blood circulation promotion expected from simple springs, at Urbanqua, this hot spring is broken down into nano-level molecules.

Because the hot spring components are easily absorbed by the skin, you can feel the fatigue of your journey melting away smoothly!

In the large bath, there are 11 baths, including the popular source bath, high-concentration oxygen bath, and carbonated spring, as well as two saunas.


1. Warm up in the Finnish Sauna and Ganban’yoku!
Enjoy the Finnish Sauna using aromatic stones imported from Finland and Ganban’yoku, said to have mineral and negative ion far-infrared effects.

Sweat plenty and refresh your mood!

2. Private Spaces Where You Don’t Have to Worry About Others!
For women, shared spaces after bathing can be uncomfortable.

But here, there are women-only rest areas with white curtains for privacy and various small rooms separated, so it’s safe for women alone. With free hot coffee, around 20,000 magazines and manga, and Free Wi-Fi, it’s the perfect environment for a relaxing time!


7 minutes on foot from Subway Meijo Line Higashi-Betsuin Station
9 minutes on foot from Subway Kamimaezu Station

Canal Resort

Canal Resort is a hot spring accessible by a free shuttle bus.

The largest hot spring resort in Nagoya City.

It has an atmosphere of an Asian resort, and you can feel the excitement even before bathing.

The spring quality is a rare sodium chloride hot spring in Nagoya, gushing from strata about 3.5 million years ago.

Since the water doesn’t cool quickly, you can enjoy various baths. There are 11 types of baths, a high-temperature Finnish sauna where you can enjoy loyly and aroma at the same time, and a salt sauna for smooth skin.

There is a waterfall in the outdoor bath, and it is illuminated at night.

There is a free shuttle bus from Nagoya Station, Kanayama Station, and other locations, making it convenient to access.

The sauna menu is also extensive, with recommended items such as “Yucchan Reimen,” where the soup freezes, and “Miyazaki Spicy Noodles,” which you can sweat in the sauna. The Sauna Land and food stall area are planned to be expanded in fiscal year 2023.


1. 6 Types of Ganban’yoku and Lounge
The Ganban’yoku zone is a separate fee from the regular baths but is quite luxurious. With over 20,000 comics and books in the comic and book corner and a sofa lounge, it’s very comfortable. It’s also great that you can bring manga and magazines into the Ganban’yoku! When using the Ganban’yoku, a set of facility wear, a bath towel for laying on the Ganban’yoku, and face and bath towels are provided.

2. Abundant Variety of Shampoos
Shampoos and conditioners are from famous manufacturers and are well-liked by women due to their variety. There are also skincare products like lotion and emulsion in the dressing room.


Shuttle buses are available from Kanayama Station North Exit and Exit 1 of Rokujo 1.

Tenku Spa Hills Ryusenji-no-Yu Nagoya Moriyama Store

Ryusenji-no-Yu is said to be the birthplace of the “Super Sento” culture.

It is known as the first in Japan to introduce highly concentrated carbon dioxide baths, now common in many super sentos.

There are 15 types of baths and saunas, including source baths, beautiful foam pots, and relaxation baths.

Unique baths such as the Korean-style sauna “Han Jun Mak” and “Aroma Salt” with steam of saltwater are a delight for bath lovers.

The annex has six Ganban’yoku rooms, an excellent Ganban’yoku lounge with over 10,000 books, magazines, and comics, a lodging zone, allowing you to enjoy a leisurely sauna life and the “forest villa,” a healing space only for Ganban’yoku users, where you can relax while enjoying a superb view.

Recommended sauna meals include the fluffy and rich “Super Katsu-don” and the fragrant “Stone-grilled Garlic Rice.”

They seem even more delicious when eaten after a sauna session.


1. Breathtaking Views from the Hilltop!
Inspired by the “Infinity Pool” on the rooftop of Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands, this is a “top-class spa facility.”

The open-air baths surrounded by greenery have a refreshing openness. At night, they are lit up and create a mysterious atmosphere.

*The women’s open-air bath has a more limited view than the men’s open-air bath.

2. Convenient Post-Payment System
You only pay the bathing fee at the entrance, and charges for restaurants and vending machines inside are settled later.

3. Auto-Loyly Yellow Soil Sauna
The sauna room equipped with the popular Isnes stove for sauna enthusiasts uses yellow soil known to “dispel a hundred poisons,” enhancing detoxification.

Auto-loyly is performed every hour at 00 and 30 minutes, with both hard and soft options, allowing you to choose according to your preference.

In the open-air space, there are 18 to-toi beds and to-toi chairs.

4. Aroma-filled Salt Sauna
The salt sauna, where you can enjoy aromas, has a high sweating effect and is a popular sauna for achieving smooth and silky skin.


JR Line: From “Osone,” take Nagoya Guideway Bus “Yutorito Line” and get off at “Ryusenji Station,” just a short walk away.

Raku Spa Garden

A healing spot to enrich the holidays for adults

Raku Spa Garden is a hot spring resort with the concept of “Enjoying,” “Healing,” and “Adult Space.”

The original facility collaborated with the Kyoto brand SOU・SOU is very stylish.

With over 40,000 books in the BOOK corner and a glamping area where you can enjoy meals like rice cooker curry and pot roast, you can relax all day long.

The quality of the hot spring is a mild alkaline simple hot spring with low stimulation.

The bath includes “Silk Bath,” where fine bubbles are dissolved in the water, providing a silky and moisturizing feeling to the entire body.


1. Many Services for Women
For women, there are services like a salt sauna, which can be expected to have a beautifying effect by scrubbing the skin with salt, and private showers for those who cannot bathe in the tub.

In the powder room, the popular Dyson hairdryer “Dyson Supersonic” is installed.

2. Ganban’yoku with Planetarium
In the Ganban’yoku area, there are five booths, including “Loyly” and a Ganban’yoku covered with amethyst stones.

You can enjoy Ganban’yoku while listening to the beautiful night sky and insect sounds projected by a super-small planetarium.

Normally, Ganban’yoku areas require an additional fee, but here, it is all included in the admission fee.


Buses are available from various stations.

  • *The 8:10 bus to Hoshigaoka Station operates only in the early morning (23-hour operation). Alight only at Hoshigaoka Station; boarding is not allowed.
  • *The bus departs at the scheduled time or when it becomes full.
  • *In case of full capacity, please use the next bus or public transportation.



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