Visit to Kurashiki Bikan District in Okayama Prefecture in the evening

The Kurashiki Bikan District is a region with good old townscapes from the Edo Period to the early Showa Period.

It is selected as the “Important Preservation District for Groups of Historic Buildings” in the national government.

This time, I visited the Kurashiki Beautiful District in the evening!

Before it gets daek! Enjoying the city of Kurashiki

White walls and retro streets.

Somewhere I have a familiar and friendly atmosphere.

Since there are many souvenir shops and restaurants where people can walk, walking alone is a pleasant pleasure.

Kurashiki River, a place that symbolizes the Bikan district

The willow tree lined with the Kurashiki River and the white-walled earthen house are located along the Kurashiki River.

From the bridge on the river, you can see the “Kurashiki River boat.”

“Kurashiki River Funa-nagashi” is a way to experience the tradition of the Kurashiki River, which was once a tradition of passing through a river boat loaded with commodities.

The city of white walls, sitting down in a slow-going boat, is very beautiful, but the last flight is 17:00, so you should be careful to ride it!

An illusionary scene that is seen in the evening

The daytime streets are good, but the romantic scenery before dusk is your only scene.

It’s a nice atmosphere, so it’s also a male on good for the date.

The city has finally become dark.

For dinner, Miyake Shoten built in the late Edo period

When you visit Miyake Shoten, you will feel like a cafe which is like an old-fashioned house.

It was a shop built in the Edo period and renovated a shop that had operated a general merchandise store since before the war.

It was a familiar space with time slippage such as earthen spaces, earthen walls, and age posters.

A calm atmosphere attracted me, and I went into the shop without hesitation.

The famous menu is Miyake Curry.

There are plenty of vegetables in the season!

It’s a nice guy!

I’m glad that the rice is brown rice.

It was a curry with plenty of sweetness and umami that can be eaten safely by those who are usually sweet

And dessert is shaved ice that is perfect for summer!

We had Okayama’s specialty product, peach flavor.

It’s so exciting.

And not only the peach syrup, but also the fruit…. It’s sweet and delicious.

I recommend one order for two people because it is large, but please take one for each person!

Miyake Shoten is recommended because it was a healing space

How was it?

Okayama is an aesthetic area where many people have an image of Kurashiki.

I think few people have visited Okayama in the evening.

Not a few restaurants are closed after food sales have ended, but there are many scenery that can be seen at this time.

If you have ever visited an Bikan district, please visit it in the evening.


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