Cats on Manabeshima Island (Cat Island in Okayama)

Manabeshima Island is located near Sanagijima Island in Kagawa Prefecture.

This island is also known for its many cats.

It is also famous for being used as a filming location for movies.

I introduced the access to Sanagijima Island from Tadotsu Port on Shikoku, but to get to Manabeshima Island, it’s convenient to take a boat from Kasaoka Port in Okayama Prefecture.

The island is here.

There is also a parking lot at the Port of Kasaoka in Okayama Prefecture.

I don’t remember how much it costs.

It’s either free or 1000 yen per day.

Check the boat schedule and fare here.

Access and Time Table of Boat

Here is time tables of Manabeshima Island

Kasaoka port ⇒ Manabeshima Island

Kasaoka SumiyoshiManabeshima

Manabeshima Island ⇒ Kasaoka port 

Kasaoka Sumiyoshi

★ is a high-speed boat.

The fare is different from the regular boat.

Fare (Regular Vessel):1040 yen
Fare (high speed boat):1790 yen

You can visit Sanagijima Island too.

Check here for more information.

Good Cat Density

Manabeshima Island has quite a high cat density.

There are cats all over the town, the harbor, the seashore, and everywhere, so you can take pictures of them in various scenes.

I found a cat on the roof.

I could feel the presence of the cats.

Parent and a child sleeping proudly on the side of the road too.

It’s a unique scene on Cat Island.

I went to the peak of the birth in June, so there was also scene like this.

Welcomed by Many of Cats at Motoura

There are two villages in Manabeshima Island.

The one with the highest population and cat density is Motoura, and the slightly smaller one is Iwatsubo.

As I introduced above, there are two types of boats from Kasaoka to Manabe: high speed boats and ordinary boats, and ordinary boats offer direct access to Iwatsubo.

It takes about 20 minutes to get to Iwatsubo on foot from Motoura.

This time I decided to go around the two villages because I had time to spare.

From Motoura first.

When I got off the fast boat, I saw cats…

Further across the pier, cats everywhere!

A woman with a convenience store bag was surrounded by cats, apparently thinking that tourists with bags will feed them.

According to the islanders.

Cats don’t come to us islanders. They only come to those who feed.

Amazing Sashimi Set Meal

It was close to noon I entered the restaurant “Funade“, which was the only one? on the island.

There are normal menu such as curry udon noodles for a few hundred yen, but since I was here, I had a sashimi set meal!

I heard a rumor that the food was fresh and delicious, so I had high expectations.

Okoze, octopus and abalone.

The okoze and the octopus are still moving!

In addition to this sashimi, rice, salad, mini-o-den, tempura and fish soup is included in the price of 2,000 yen.

There are two to three servings of sashimi.

Cheap and delicious, it’s a maximum charge for both mind and body.

Cats near Motoura Port

After I had a full stomach, I took pictures of the cats around the Motoura area.

There is another shop near the restaurant “Funade”.

Cats looking into the fish tank there.

Fish are swimming in the net, but they can’t seem to catch them.

A cat on the bench in front of the store.

They look like cats with hay fever.

There are many benches on Manabe Island, but I got the impression that more cats are using them than people.

Eventually the cats will take over the benches.

Lots of cats near the harbor, too.

A good friend of the cat is taking a walk.

They move together, sometimes expressing affection.

In the morning, I could interact with many cats in the mild spring weather at Motoura.

Cats on the Beach

Well, speaking of Cat Island, the sea and cats.

I’ve taken some of those scenes again.

The area under the boat by the sea is a summer resort for cats.

It’s a summer resort for cats, and it’s one of the places where many cats gather.

Speaking of summer resort, here’s a group of cats under a table on the beach…

Manabeshima’s scenery and An Impression of Cats

I introduced cat island, Manabeshima this time, but when I was sorting through the photos, I thought, “there were more towns than the ocean“.

If you want to take a picture with a cat in the town’s landscape, I can highly recommend.

By the way, I also stopped in Onomichi, Hiroshima on my way back from Manabeshima to look for cats, but there were quite a few fewer cats!

Onomichi was also introduced as a place where you can often see cats, so please refer to it.

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