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What is “-GEAR-“!? From Kyoto, non-verbal performance is overwhelming.

Voiced by Amazon Polly

Achieved Kyoto long-run performance of 3,000 times, now receiving passionate support even from overseas, “-GEAR-” is a non-verbal (=not relying on words) performance that fusions stage performance produced by lightings and videos, and superb acts and that is the first in Japan and is from Japan!

Performances produced by various devices of unconventional together with superb acts such as pantomime and break-dance catch people’s eyes and bring them to a vortex of laughs and touches.

“-GEAR-” that is evolving continuously day by day.  I will approach the charm of it.

The long-run for nearly eight years in a small theater!  Conquering the Japanese theater is “-GEAR-“.

“1928 Bldg” is located in a place where about 10 to 15-minute walk along Goko-machi-Dori street toward north from Hankyu Kyoto-Kawara-machi, a base of Kyoto sightseeing.

Used once as Kyoto branch of Mainichi Newspaper, and now designated as Kyoto-Prefecture registered tangible cultural asset, the building is a stage of “-GEAR-, that is non-verbal performance, that I will introduce this time.

On the third floor of this building with an atmosphere, there is set a theater that has about 100 seats.

Although a small theater, what makes you surprise is the achievement!

Surprisingly, a long-run performance has been performed nearly for 8 years, and the total performance is more than 3100 times and the total audience is more than 240 thousand people.

Now it has established the position of non-verbal performance representing Japan.

To say the performance of such “-GEAR-” in a word, it is a collection of individuals and a harmony.

Superb performers and various stage devices are distinctive all the time, but these are firmly mated like gears, and the performance goes concluding as the one and only story.

I am going to introduce you to the charm of “-GEAR-” that is unconventional and is conquering Japanese theater!

Overwhelming performance in a row!  Experience superb performances of surprise and applause

The stage of the story is a forgotten old former toy factory, where “RoboRoyd”, a humanoid robot, continues working.

The story develops by appearing “Dolls”, which is a toy doll that was once used to be made in this factory, in front of four RoboRoyds that still continue working even after humans left.

The first must-see point of “-GEAR-” is overwhelming performances by these five performers.

By the mysterious power of the doll, each RoboRoyd with limiter released performs superb performances, such as pantomime, magic, juggling.

All the actors of “-GEAR-” are professional performers who represent Japan.

The high quality is certified as genuine, and it continues bringing surprises and applause by performances beyond expectations.

Also, the points to see are not only performances!  In “-GEAR-” that raises non-verbal (not relying on words), the story is told to the audience by expressions and movements of actors.

Each RoboRoyd expresses entirely uniqueness and feeling, and every scene that develops somehow quite human comedy makes you laugh unconsciously.

Let’s pay your attention also to performances by RoboRoyds who are the first-class not only as performers but also as actors!

On the other hand, surrounded by RoboRoyds, “Doll” is the very key person who develops the story.  It is no doubt that you will naturally pay attention to curious and tomboy but lovely manners of hers!

Staging integrated with performances is a masterpiece.

Although what base of theatrical performances is performances of each actor as written above, the greatness of “staging” that creates a synergy effect with such performances is also a noteworthy point.

Firstly what surprises is that the stage of such real and rich in modeling is set on the third floor of a small building that is designated as a cultural asset.

As it looks, various devices are equipped and activate everywhere during the show.

In addition to a physical effect, including a thing falls, and a stage moves, there are stagings of lightings and videos by projection mappings and by laser beams of a maximum of 16 million colors.

In addition to performances, various elements are scattered also in staging,  and mating of these multiple elements (gears) is what is the best part of “-GEAR-“.

As if symbolizing it, in contrast to the first half that emphasizes characteristics of each performer, fusion of such characteristics becomes accelerated at the last part that brings the finale of the story

Although everyone appeals by each, everyone does not lose but makes brightening more each characteristic, and becomes harmonizing well.

As a result, as becoming toward the end, touched feeling getting higher.

“Meaning” that can be seen from the work and insatiable “inquisitiveness” is great!

Until here, I introduced the charm of contents of “-GEAR-“, and at the last, I will introduce the charm of the concept.

Although at a glance, it is a visual performance by superb performers and stagings, you will surely see the meaning embed in the work when you watch it thoroughly by your own eyes!

The development of the story and manners of each character.

It is composed so that you can get various hints during understanding the meaning and flow.

Also, insatiable inquisitiveness as “the current status is not the best!” is also a point of “-GEAR-“.

As soon as every time the performance ends, they have a review meeting, and they improve each time, also referring to the opinions of the audience.

I think that this attitude can be said as the very reason for improving the quality as a performance until here, and as the source to continue evolving for the future.

Experience the overwhelming non-verbal performance “-GEAR-“.

From a small theater in Kyoto, now “-GEAR-” established the position of theater performance representing Japan.

Various characteristics gather from a stage, performance, until staging.

How such characteristics = a gear can be mated the best?

And how high can it go?

It can be said as the evolving style of non-verbal performance that pursues the insatiable inquisitiveness!

By all means, why don’t you indulge in your own eyes once?

Basic information of “-GEAR-” / 1928 Bldg

Address: 3rd floor 1928 Bldg., 56 Benkeiishicho, Nakagyo-Ward, Kyoto-City, Kyoto-Prefecture

Telephone number: 075-254-6520

Access: About 10 to 15-minute walk from Hankyu “Kyoto-Kawaramachi” station.

Please check and confirm the latest information on the official website.