Dokakuji(Bronze Pavilion) Exist Besides Kinkakuji and Ginkakuji in Kyoto

Many of tourists from overseas know that Kyoto has Kinkakuji and Ginkakuji that are golden and silver temples.

Then, what about Dokakuji, Bronze Pavilion?

In fact, Bronze Pavilion does exist in Gion Kyoto.

Few people know that Dokakuji is in Kyoto even Kyoto people and I am also not the exception.

But, official name of the temple is “Daiun-in”

Story of the Name of Dokakuji

Dokakuji has interesting story of the reason why it was built.

The temple was built in nearby Shijo Staion now, Dokakuji was relocated in Gion in 1972.

It’s because Gion started to be downtown area.

As Gion grow as tourist place, Okura who is famous for the founder of “Hotel Okura” thought “Why Kyoto doesn’t have bronze temple, although Kyoto has golden and silver temple?”.

This is the only reason, so Dokakuji has relatively somehow thin historical sides unlike Kinkakuji and Ginkakuji.

Covered with copper plate, the pale green roof is melting into the view of Kyoto.

By the way, the color of copper turns pale green as it is oxidized.

Access to Dokakuji

Since Dokakuji is located behind Yasaka Shrine, it’s easy to find.

To go to Daikakuji from Kyoto Station by bus, catch bus 206 or 100(rapid).

It takes about 15 minutes.

To go by train, take Karasuma Line and be headed to Shijo that takes 5 minutes.

From Shijo station, 15 minutes walk bring you to Dokakuji.

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What to do around Dokakuji in Gion

Located in Gion area, you have a lot of places for tourism around Dokakuji.

Just by going down the Nene-no-michi which is create with cobblestone, you will enjoy old and nostalgic street of Japan.

Coffee shops and souvenir shops are standing along Nene-no-michi too.

Food stalls also make you have fun when you go through the street.

Since it’s a bit hard to walk on cobblestone street, especially for women, rickshaws are available.

At the end of Nene-no-michi, you might see the five-story pagoda like the photo above.


When it comes to travel to Kyoto, Kinkakuji and Ginkakuji are so famous that most of tourists come up with those 2 temples.

Even though I live in Kyoto, I had been recommending 2 temples for tourists.

But now, 2 is not enough but 3 including Dokakuji for recommendation.

Why don’t stop by bronze temple in addition to Kinkakuji and Ginkakuji?

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