7 Recommended Activities to Experience in Fukuoka

The gateway to Fukuoka is Fukuoka city, the largest city in the Kyushu region.

There are many popular spots around Hakata Station, Tenjin, and Nakasu, and it is also attractive for visitors to Dazaifu and Yufuin in Oita on a day trip from Fukuoka City.

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What activities can you experience in Fukuoka?

This section introduces the activities and bus tours recommended, which can be enjoyed by couples and children.

You can make a reservation in advance!

Day-trip bus tour from Fukuoka

1.Karato Market, Tsunoshima and Motonosumi Inari Day Tour from Fukuoka

“Fukuoka Day-return Bus Tour” visits a famous place in Yamaguchi Prefecture from Fukuoka City to and from Fukuoka City.

After visiting the Shimonoseki Akama Shrine, you will be served a free lunch in the Karato market in the maritime region.

This is a scenic tour of the Tsunoshima Bridge, which is familiar with automobile commercials, and the Motono Sumino Inari Shrine, which is one of Japan’s most beautiful scenic spots selected as one of Japan’s most beautiful spots.

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2. Yufuin and Kurokawa Onsen Scenic Hot Spring Tour from Fukuoka City

This “Yufuin and Kurokawa Onsen Scenic Hot Spring Tour from Fukuoka City” departs from Fukuoka City and travels around the popular hot spring town in Kyushu.

After strolling around the town of Yufuin, a tourist attraction that represents Kyushu, visit Japan’s tallest suspension bridge, “Kuju”, “Dream” and “Large Suspension Bridge”, and enjoy the seasonal scenery.

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At the end of your trip, take a stroll through Kurokawa Onsen, a hot spring resort that represents Kyushu.

You can relax with a hot spring bath that heals the fatigue of your trip.

3. Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine and Japanese Doll Painting Experience from Fukuoka City

This “Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine and Japanese Doll Painting Experience from Fukuoka City” visits a popular tourist spot in Fukuoka Prefecture from Fukuoka City to and from Fukuoka City.

After visiting the Dazaifu Tenmangu Palace, which enshrines Shinto Sugawara, the god of scholarship, you will make your own dolls with the experience of painting traditional Hakata puppets.

Finally, it is a bus tour that allows visitors to enjoy Fukuoka Castle and Fukuoka, which are famous for serving Kuroda.

4. Yanagawa River Boat Ride and Outlet Shopping Mall Day Tour

If you can enjoy the downstream and downstream walks of Mizugo and Yanagawa City, this “Yanagawa River Boat Ride and Outlet Shopping Mall Day Tour” is recommended.

The downstream Yanagawa River, one of Kyushu’s most popular tourist destinations, is full of watershed scenery from season to season, as well as the old-fashioned atmosphere.

After enjoying downstream activities, visitors are guided to the Outlet Mall in Tosu City, Saga Prefecture.

Shopping is enjoyable in outlets with approximately 150 shops.

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5. Horse Riding Experience at Beach/Munakata City

A popular activity that even beginners can enjoy with peace of mind is “Half Day Horseback Riding Experience for New Riders in Munakata“.

With a reputation for careful guided follow-up, a 30-minute lesson in the horse can be followed by a shore-to-shore horse tracking.

Viewing the beautiful sea of Munakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture from horseback is exceptional!

You can experience from the first grade of elementary school.

For parents and parents, 3 years old and over.

An attractive activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

6. Nakasu Cruise

Fukuoka City Boat Cruise at Nakagawa RiverFukuoka City Boat Cruise at Nakagawa River” is an activity that enables people to view the streets of Hakata from the water.

Cruise is a tourist ship that runs along the river of Nakasu, Kyushu’s best shopping district, and also passes through a popular canal city as a tourist spot.

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A cruise of about 30 minutes per flight is recommended for dates and small walks.

It’s also attractive to be able to use it in accordance with your journey because you can select a time zone from the beginning of the afternoon.

7. Experience in picturing Fukuoka traditional crafts and Hakata dolls

The “Hakata Ceramic Doll Painting Experience with Take Home Souvenir in Fukuoka” is an activity where people can experience the painting of the Fukuoka traditional craftsmanship “Hakata Puppet.

“Prior to the experience of painting, You will attend a lecture on painting with Hakata dolls and painting procedures.

After that, we began painting and designed only one original Hakata doll in the world.

This activity is also recommended for family members because it can be participated in by small children.

If you want to experience activities in Fukuoka, this is the case!

Fukuoka has a wide range of activities, from craftsmanship to diving and downstream activities, to tour the famous location of Fukuoka and tour bus tours in the neighboring prefecture.

If you don’t decide what to do locally and what to spend, you should make a reservation if you have an experiential plan that you like.

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This is the information as of January 2020.

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