Let’s Eat 35cm Fried Shrimps at “Ebidote Shokudo” In Nagoya Station

Sometimes, Japanese people outside of Aichi teased that people in Nagoya consider fried shrimps as a feast.

As a native of Nagoya, I love fried shrimps, but I don’t think of them as a feast.

However, the number of restaurants that serve fried shrimps as a Nagoya specialty are increasing.

The punchy specialty of “Ebi Dote”

In Nagoya, the bigger the fried shrimp, the higher the reputation of the restaurant.

However, the number of restaurants that specialize in fried shrimp is less than that of other Nagoya-style food restaurants.

Jumbo fried shrimp is currently served at tonkatsu and Japanese and Western restaurants as a specialty.

Against this backdrop, Ebi Dote Shokudo which opened four years ago in the Nagoya Station Shinkansen underground shopping mall, is the only fried shrimp specialty restaurant in Nagoya.

A huge shrimp fly object is dawn from the ceiling!

Even on weekdays, the place is crowded with businessmen on a business trip to Nagoya.

After finishing their work in Nagoya, they come to eat “Ebi Dote” which is the name of the restaurant.(6 pieces, ¥853 or more)

The freshly fried shrimp are dipped in a bowl of Dote-Miso, which is made mellow by adding a beaten egg to the mix.

By the way, the fried shrimps are made from the banana shrimp.

The sweetness of the shrimp is brought out by Dote Miso.

This menu breaks the Japanese stereotype that fried shrimp must be served with tartar or Worcester sauce.

For lunch, they also offer the “Shrimp Dote Lunch” (1,382 yen), which comes with rice, miso soup and pickles.

Excellent tartar sauce made on the spot

In Nagoya, size is the most important when it comes to fried shrimps.

So we ordered the fried shrimp set meal (usually 1,814 yen, 1,598 yen for lunch).

And what came out was the photo above.

Two extra-large flied shrimps were sitting on the plate.

The size of the extra-large fried shrimp is more than 20 cm.

Yes, it was big enough.

This is a satisfying meal.

You can eat it with Worcestershire sauce, but what you should pay attention to is the tartar sauce.

The tartar sauce at this restaurant is made on that table by crushing sliced boiled eggs.

Plenty of freshly made tartar sauce on the fried shrimp enhances the sweetness and plumpness of the shrimp.

I can’t stop eating!

What is the size of shrimps?

As we were enjoying the plump, XL sized shrimp, the Mayumi Fujita, a chief  of the restaurant grinned at us and said a few words.

You shouldn’t be surprised by this.

Actually, we have more than this. (Fujita)

When I looked at her, there was a huge piece of fried shrimp in her hands, and shrimp was protruding from the plate

What is this?

This is our specialty: “Japan’s best!It’s an extra-large fried shrimp!” (Fujita)

Japan’s best! Extra-large fried shrimp~ (single item: 2,354 yen, set meal: 2,764 yen)

It was too big to fit on the plate, and it just stuck out!

How big is it…..

Actually, there is a scale written on the chopstick bag, and you can measure the length of the shrimp.

It was 35 cm long!

I’ve seen many fried shrimps in the past, but never such a big one.

It is definitely the biggest fried shrimp in Nagoya, or even in Japan.

We sometimes see fried shrimp 20 or more centimeters in length, but we wanted to produce something so big that our customers would be surprised.

We looked around a lot and finally found a shrimp called a sea tiger, which is a member of the prawn family and is caught in the East China Sea.

Every time we brought it to tables, customers get surprised and say “Oh!“(laugh)

A lot of customers are taking pictures with their phones in hand (Fujita).

It’s also unique that it’s not cut into pieces so that you can enjoy its size.

When you eat it, you should either take a bite of it or cut it off with the scissors provided with chopsticks.

The taste is like it’s not so tasty, but you can never eat the moist texture in other shrimps.

However, as I’ve said many times, in Nagoya, it’s all about the size of the fried shrimp!

Store Information And Access

Ebi Dote Shokudo is in “Esca underground shopping area” in JR Nagoya Station.

It takes about 2 minutes on foot from the west exit of JR Nagoya Station.
Follow the signs of Esca from the Shinkansen station gates, take just a few steps out of the Taikoo-guchi exit and immediately take the escalator down to the basement.
Then, you can get Esca.


Ebi Dote Shokudo

Address: 6-9 Tsubaki-cho, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Phone number: 052-459-5517
Business hours: 11:00-22:00 (21:00 LO) *Open for lunch from 11:00-14:00
Closed on January 1, the third Thursday of February and the second Thursday of September

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