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Mobile Hotspot(WiFi) for Japan Travel

I think most of people trip to Japan have their smartphones.

Internet access is necessary for trip.

Let me introduce Mobile hotspot(Wi-Fi).

Why Mobile Hotspot(WiFi) in Japan

Japan has fewer free-wifi spot compared to overseas.

Although you can use wifi when you are at hotel or airport, you have only 2 ways to connect to internet anytime.

They are prepaid SIM and mobile hotspot.

Convenient for Any Devices

If you have mobile hotspot, you can use for laptops, smartphones and anydevices.

When you go trip to Japan with work, you can use laptop.

Although many of smartphones can do tethering, some smartphones can’t.

So it is quite convinient.

Can be Shared by One Mobile Hotspot

Many of people go trip with their families or firends.

In such situation, you can share mobile hotspot.

Sharing mobile hotspot might be cheaper than using mobile hotspot in each of you.

Prepaid SIM Might Be Unavailable

But if you smartphone is not compatible with Japanese communication standards, prepaid SIM is not available.

So it is better to considering using mobile hotspot.

Prepaid SIM is Necessary for Travel to JapanDo you use smartphone? Then, when you visit Japan, prepaid SIM is...

How to Use Mobile Hotspot

Flow of how to use mobile hotspot is like this.

①Sign Up

You can pick mobile hotspot up at airpots, hotels or stores.

Most of travelers might pick up at the airport.

When you return the device you just need to put in return box at the airport or stores.

Recommended Mobile Hotspot Companies

Here are mobile hotspot companies.

Ninja Wifi

Ninja Wifi is famous mobile hotspot for travelers to Japan.

You can sign up on the web site.

After singning up, you can pick up at following airports.

Pick-up DatePick-up at an AirportTime
3 Days Before・New Chitose
Sign-up by
(Japan Time)
2 Days Before・Chubu Centrair International
・Fukuoka International
・Mt.Fuji Shizuoka
・Sendai International
1 Day Before・Narita International Terminal 1
・Narita International Terminal 2
・Haneda International
・Kansai International


You can pick up at convenience stores and hotels too.

It takes about 3days to arrive.

Sign-up Deadline
Pick-up DateTime
3 Days BeforeBy 3:00 PM (Japan Time)

Tokyo Speed Wifi

Tokyo Speed Wifi is also famous.

You can sign up on the web site too and pick up at following airports.

AirportFloorbusiness hoursclosed
HANEDAHaneda Airport International Passenger Terminal 3F
the departure lobby
NARITATerminal 1 the international arrival floor
6:30~Until last
Terminal 2 the international arrival floor
1st Floor
6:30~Until last
Terminal 1,2Floor
Chubu Centrair
Welcome Garden (1F)9:00~17:00Sat,Sun
public holidays,
(New Year’s holidays closed:
Central Terminal 1F9:00~17:00NON
New Chitose TerminalNew Chitose Airport Terminal
Building 2F
kagoshima Domestic TerminalDomestic Terminal, 1st floor9:00~16:00Sat,Sun
public holidays,
Naha1st Floor Arrival Lobby9:00~17:00New Year’s holidays closed:

When you return mobile hotspot, it is OK to drop into a Post box.

Of course, you can return at the airport.


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