The illusion of “Kimono Forest”! Arashiyama Station

The Keifuku Railway Arashiyama Line was renovated and opened in July 2013.

Arashiyama Station, which is known as Hanari Square, was renovated to make it the most Kyoto-like station.

The most notable of these is the decoration by Kyoyu Zen called “Kimono Forest.”

Kimono Forest” that nails the eyes of tourists both day and night is an integral part of it …

Kyoyu Zen forest at the entrance of Arashiyama!

Arashiyama is a local-colored private railway that connects Arashiyama, one of Kyoto’s main tourist destinations, to the city center.

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The Arashiyama Station of Arashiyama was renovated in July 2013.

Under the concept of “Small Town with Station,” Kyoto has abolished ticket gates despite the fact that the station has a large number of users.

This opened the entire station’s premises to free access.

As a result, new stores were opened in the homes, making tourists access even if they were not on trains.

The use of footbath in the homes has also been promoted.

The most notable of these major renovations is the Kimono Forest, which was initiated by Morita, an interior designer who is currently shining.

What is the identity of Kimono Forest?

“Kimono Forest” is a pawl wrapped in Kyoyuzen’s dough with acrylic and installed on the station premises and on the roadside, which is about 2 meters high, and is similar to the forest of Kyoyuzen.

A total of 600 Keiyu Zen pillars cover the entire site of Arashiyama Station!

This is just the highlight!

The Kyoyu Zen used in the Kimono Forest is from the long-established Kameda Tomi-dyeing Factory that has existed since the Taisho Period.

The Kameda Tomishin Factory is a long-established business that has discovered new value in its tradition by mixing Kyoyuzen and aroha shirts under the brand name Pagong (Pagon).

Kyoyuzen has been carefully selected by Yaotsu Morita and has a total of 32 patterns.

I really want you to look at each and every one of them carefully and enjoy the world of KyoyuZen.

You will feel like a museum at the station!

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Night’s “Kimono path” wrapped in light

During the daytime you can enjoy the colors and patterns of Kyoyu Zen, but it’s night that I want you to see them!

The pole of Kyoyuzen is equipped with LEDs, and at night they quickly turn into a fantastic forest of light surrounded by gentle light.

This is the true image of a “Kimono forest.”

In particular, the small street, called “Kimono Path,” is a tree-lined street of Kyoyu Zen on both sides.

Walking in light, the path gives you a sense of being lost in the illusional space!

You would forget that you were at the station!

In addition, in line with the renovation, fluorescent lights on the station premises have been switched from conventional daylight white to light bulb color.

This, together with the Kimono Forest, creates a warm and calm space for the entire station.

Powerspot at Arashiyama Station: Ryuno Atago Pond

After passing through the “kimono path,” there is a small pond surrounded by yuzen.

This is the PowerSpot “Ryuno(dragon) Atago Pond” installed at Arashiyama Station.

Named “Dragon Atago Pond” after Tenryu-ji Temple is right in front of it.

It is said that hope will come true when you pray to the dragon in the pond, and that you will be able to relax and enjoy happiness when you reach out to the water of Atago.

The water of this “Ryuno Atago Pond” springs from 50m below the ground, and is the underground water of the sacred peak, Atagoyama.

Cold water is gushing throughout the year.

It keeps tourists safe on their journey and also functions as a guardian deity at the station.

Please soak your hands in such a “Ryuno Atago pond”.

If your pray reached, the water may spring from the bottom of the pond …

With Retro train. It’s luxury to be too picturesque

There are various types of vehicles in the Arashiyama train, including retro-type vehicles.

Especially if the retro-trucks and the kimono forests were arranged together, the scene would be too picturesque.

Anyway, there’s a station like a set of movies that’s far from reality beyond everyone’s imagination!

If you take a train to Arashiyama Station in the dark, you can experience the feeling that you can’t say anything about getting into the station so that trains running on dark lines are surrounded by light!

Morita, a designer involved in the renovation of Arashiyama Station, said that he was involved in this redesign with the emphasis on “designing with a strong emphasis on tradition while feeling new” and “how to revitalize areas where customers tended to be disrupted in the dark.”

The Arashiyama Station embodies this phrase.

Among them, “Kimono forest” is very important.

This “Kimono Forest” lightup is being developed every day, and it is a very valuable tourist resource for Arashiyama, which was weak at night.

I hope you will be able to enjoy the strength and experience of excellent design.

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This is the only station permissible

While taking advantage of its novelty, Arashiyama Station offers a variety of considerations, including the installation of benches around the station so that visitors can enjoy and stay at the station slowly.

On the premises of the station, people walk around along the forest of Yuzen trees like amusement gardens, where they can enjoy the gardens and cherry blossom gardens throughout the four seasons.

Please walk firmly.

It is recommended that you arrive in the bright daytime, enjoy a walk around Arashiyama, return to Arashiyama Station after the darkness has gone back, and enjoy the scenery of the station!

Anyway, such a station is impossible in usual!

This is the only station in the world that is permissible only for Arashiyama in Kyoto.

This is the new Arashiyama Station.

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Address: 11-1 Saga Tenryu-ji Road-cho, Right-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 616-8373 Japan
Access: Just off the Keifuku train “Arashiyama” (on the premises of the station)




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