10 Cool Destinations in Summer of Japan in Kansai Area

Most probably because the global warming or the heat island phenomenon progress, it is getting hotter and hotter every year.

When the highest daily temperature reached 30 degrees Celsius in about 20 years ago, we were surprised, but days of over 30 degrees Celsius of the highest these days are usual in Japan.

If you spend your time in such Japanese summer, I like to recommend you to keep your preferred “summer resorts of a day trip”, with just going out a bit farther.

Let me introduce you to recommended summer resorts in Kansai area, where you can escape to just by a day-trip from the city center of Osaka and Kyoto.

Koyasan mountains/ Koya Town, Ito District, Wakayama Prefecture

To begin with, it is “Koyasan mountain” of Koya Town, Ina District, Wakayama Prefecture.

Koyasan mountain here is the area of about 800 m elevation, where Koyasan Shingon Sect Main Temple Kongobu-ji exists.

According to the observation by AMeDAS (Automated Meteorological Data Acquisition System), we can find that the annual average temperature of this area is lower by 6 degrees than that of Osaka.

So, the area is relatively cool and easy to stay in summer.

It may be a good idea to stroll for escaping from heat with majestic feeling in the sacred place of Buddhism in Japan, where is also registered to the world heritage.

Aoyama plateau/ Iga City, Mie Prefecture

You will enjoy fantastic sightscape with slowly rotating giant windmills on “Aoyama Kougen plain”, which is located in Iga City, where is famous as Ninja hometown in Mie Prefecture, and in Tsu City, the Prefectural capital.

Ninja is similar to a spy and they were active before and in early Edo period.

A driving way extending along ridgeline on about 600 to 800 m elevation is popular here, and you will enjoy driving with feeling breeze in summer.

Akame 48 waterfalls/ Nabari City, Mie Prefecture

As one of the “Shijuuhachi taki (forty eight waterfalls) in Akame Town, Nabari City, Mie Prefecture, “Akame Shijuuhachi taki” is known as a place in where a mountain curser or En no Gyoja (a semi-legendary holy man noted for his practice of mountain asceticism) practiced.

It is also surprisingly known as Ninja hometown.

The waterfall is in a valley continues for 4 km, and it is also a trekking course.

You may strangely feel alluring, having a summer heat escape in the Ninja hometown.

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Odaigahara Plateau/ Nara Prefecture, Mie Prefecture

“Odaigahara plain” is located in Nara and Mie Prefectures, and is a nature park on about 1,600 m elevation, also designated as Yoshino-Kumano National Park.

The region is the highest or the second rainfall in Japan.

Very cool in summer, the spot suits the best for a summer heat escape.

There is a trekking course, so why don’t you go out for observing the great nature, having a summer heat escape.

But, because it is said that a moon bear was recently witnessed, you will need to be cautious and to check the information in advance.

Dorogawa Onsen / Nara Prefecture

“Dorogawa onsen” in Tenkawa Village, Nara Prefecture, is an onsen (hot spring) village in a cool mountain village of about 820 m elevation.

There are lined up many historical inns and stores of pure Japanese wooden construction in the onsen village.

A sight scape that tourists wearing Yukata (a Japanese traditional bathrobe) strolling in such street reminds of the good-old Showa (from 1926 till 1989) period.

The area is also called as “Karuizawa in Kansai”.(Karuizawa is often referred as a day-trip summer resort near Tokyo.)

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The Biwako(lake) Terrace/ Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture

“The Biwako Terrace” in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture is a superb view spot in “the Biwako Valley” ski resort, located between Uchimiyama mountain of 1,108 m elevation and Houraisan mountain of 1,174 m around Biwako lake.

Though the Biwako Terrace is a ski resort in winter, it becomes a very suited spot for a summer heat escape, where a visitor can enjoy various activities, such as Sky Walker and Zip Line Adventure.

Views, such as Biwako lake and mountains around, that you can observe from “the Biwako Terrace” are definitely superb views.

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Ibukiyama mountain/ Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture, and others

“Ibukiyama”, 1,377 m elevation, is located among Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture, Ibigawa Town, Ibi District, Gifu Prefecture, and Sekigahara Town, Huwa District, and the area around is a summer heat escape spot, designated as Biwako semi-national park.

The peak is cool and is a spot perfectly suited to a summer heat escape.

You can view Biwako lake from here, and the view is splendid.

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Kibune/ Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

“Kibune” in Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, is a long and narrow valley area surrounded with Kibunesan mountain and Kuramayama mountain.

Because Kyoto is a basin, the city becomes very humid in summer.

The area is relatively cool and there visit many people from the city of Kyoto in summer for escaping heat.

Moreover, you can enjoy Kawadoko dish on Kibunegawa river in summer.

It makes you feel a summer elegance.

Nice, isn’t it?  (Kawadoko dish is a Japanese dish traditionally served in Kawadoko restaurant.

Kawadoko, or sometimes called as Yuka, is a floor on a river.

A guest can enjoy dish literally on a river, feeling coolness from the river.)

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Mino waterfall/ Mino City, Osaka Prefecture

“Minoo no taki waterfall” in Meiji no mori (forest) Minoo semi-national park of Minoo City, Osaka Prefecture, is a place of relief for Osaka local people.

The place is also famous for abundant autumn leaves.

You will surely feel coolness just by hearing a sound of falling water at the waterfall.

But, please pay your attention because there are some damages by the Japanese monkey.

Rokkosan mountain/ Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture

Rokkosan in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, is famous for “Rokkou Oroshi”.

Rokko Oroshi is cold wind blowing down from the mountain, and the mountain is also loved as a place for summer heat escape.

The reason is said that climate at the top is similar to that of Tohoku or of southern Hokkaido, cool area in Japan.

While overlooking down the city of Kobe, you may feel elegant, escaping from a summer heat.


Hot and humid summer in Japan.

Those who visit Kansai area, who don’t you go a bit farther to summer resorts nearby by a day-trip?

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