YUFUIN FLORAL VILLAGE in Yufuin Reproduces the World of Harry Potter’s!?

Speaking of Yufuin, you may say that it is one of the best hot spring resort of Japan.

“Yufuin Floral Village”, where the world of Harry Potter’s has been reproduced, is located in such Yufuin.

As it is located in a distance of about 15 minute walk from JR Yufuin station, it is just right distance that you can go while strolling.

Cute streetscape like a fairy tale, as if only there is a shooting set for a movie, is also very popular among ladies’ visitors!

Alice, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Totoro, and also, Peter Rabbit will greet tourists.

Let me introduce you.

Cobbled Road that Suddenly Appears in Retro Hot Spring Streetscape

From JR Yufuin station, when you walk continuously along the main street of Yufuin, which is called as Yunotubogaidou street, there suddenly appear the cobbled road and buildings of brick tone.

Although Yunotubogaidou street is the street where are lined up with shops of Yufuin souvenirs and of fashionable miscellaneous goods, and cafes, tourists will stop their feet unconsciously for atmosphere of buildings that is covered with ivies.

This “Yufuin Floral Village” is relatively a new amusement park, which just has opened in 2012.

If you ask “what is it modelled after”, the answer is “Cotswolds region” of England, and that is famous also as the shooting location of the “Harry Potter”.

Lovely and cute streetscape, which is just like the reproduced world of a picture book as it is, is as if only there being inside of the movie.

In the background, there towerly stands the magnificent Yufu-dake Mountain, and it is the recommended spot also for photo shooting.

Now, what kinds of shops are lined up inside?

The Mouth of Truth Greets You When Enter Yufuin Floral Village

When you enter to Yufuin Floral Village, the Mouth of Truth will greet a tourist.

Though it is an image of England…..  It blended with the atmosphere, so it may seem to be natural…?

Although Floral Village is popular particularly among ladies, there appear British cars of vintage here and there.

These are also must-sees, as these cars, including mini, MG-A, and Riley, are hardly seen in Japan.

As there are shooting points for photos here and there, it is recommended to go around slowly taking times.

Not just souvenirs shops and cafes, when speaking of Yufuin, it is a hot spring!

There is a foot bath, of course, also in this Floral Village.

Although it costs 100 Yen, it is the foot bath with a bit different atmosphere of English style.

So, why don’t you take a short break for healing your fatigue of a trip?

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Also, in addition to the foot bath, there surprisingly is a hotel equipped with a hot spring dedicated only for women!

Guests of the hotel can use also the hot spring of flowing directly from the source at free of charge.

“Totoro”, “Kiki’s Delivery Service”, and “Alice” in Yufuin Floral Village

There are lined up with shops that as if crammed with all of the CUTE!

Yufuin Floral Village is the town where is full of shops and food that can only be seen here!

Did you know that the hometown of Peter Rabbit was the Lake District of England?

The specialized shop for Peter Rabbit, where the building that appeared in “Jemima Puddle-Duck” was reproduced faithfully, is also the one of the popular shops.

Also, “Alice in Wonderland” is still firmly popular also thanks to influence of the movie.

Although size of the shop is a bit small, goods and accessories are fulfilled.

In addition, there is the shop of a theme of “Frozen”.

“Kiki’s Bakery” of Kiki’s Delivery Service is a bakery of hand-made breads, including a butter croissant, which surprisingly received the golden award at European examination committee, and a pretzel!

You cannot go home without eating them.

There are lined up with various FOODs that you can taste only here, including hand-made scones and crepes, and soft serve ice cream of rose and lavender.

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You Can Play also with Owls and Rare Cheshire Cats!

There are still more secrets of popularity of Yufuin Floral Village!

Inside the facility, at “OWL’S FOREST”, where you can play with owls, many cute owls greet you.

Just as the image of shooting location of Harry Potter, “Hedwig” of a snowy owl that Harry feeds is also there!

At “Owl’s Photo Studio”, located inside of Owl’s Forest, wearing a robe similar to those of Harry Potter and his friends, and putting a spotted eagle-owl on your arm, you can also shoot memorial photos!

Moreover, “Gallery Alice’s Tearoom (Cheshire cat’s forest)” is a cute cat cafe with an image of the forest where Cheshire cats live in that appears in “Alice in Wonderland”.

Here is a bit different, and only Bengal cats, of which leopard patterns are rare, are being gathered.

Though there are various cat cafes, there are hardly the chances that you can play with such rare cats.

Fatigue of the trip seems blowing away!

In addition, there are ducks and wild ducks, hedgehogs and horses, turtles, squirrels, and parrots, etc., etc.

There are many unique and cute animals!

Please by all means visit there and being healed.

New Sightseeing Spot “Floral Village” of Yufuin

How did you like it?

The size of site is not very large, but it is the amusement park with full of many cute things.

As admission is free, please by all means feel free to try stopping by.

Please also try paying your attention also to plants and flowers, which are adding colors to the cute streetscape.

As its name of “Floral Village” suggests, there bloom profusely various flowers by seasons, and it is also one of the charms that you can enjoy different landscapes whenever you visit.


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