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No way? A Store Has Opened Inside The “Face House”, Name is “OOO”

Voiced by Amazon Polly

There is a mysterious building in Kyoto, called Face House.

The building is literally like human face.

The house is standing with overwhelming presence, and when you walk ordinal residential area, a huge face suddenly shows up!

But, what is this building truely for?

The face house was built by a famous japanese architect as a house and studio.

The skin color is ivory, the two round windows are eyes and the veranda is the ear.

There is a hole in the nose carefully, and it is a vent.

This is surely unusual place known to those in the know.

The Store Name is “OOO”

Built in 1974, it’s still giving off a different color and gathering focus from strangers who pass nearby.

Interestingly, a store opened inside such house in September 2016.

The store name opened inside face is creative studio&shop OOO.

Inside of mouth is divided into right and left.

Left side in the mouth is a specialty store of miscellaneous goods that sells handmade stuff and DIY tools made by domestic and foreign artists.

Right side in the mouth is a studio for workshop, events and gallery.

Guests can freely draw pictures on the wall.

It is located in Nakagyo ward, Kyoto

Left Side In Mouth, Store Of Miscellaneous Goods

What exhibited in left side in the mouth are items selected by owner, Ogawa who worked for design related job in America and Tokyo.

Handmade works made by domestic and foreign artists are exhibited.

The feature is that the store handles in handmade products such as sand painting and rope that become a bowl.

Ogawa is hoping that guests encounter a chance to make something by oneself and we can see such wish from exhibits.

Seems like a cake, but in fact, this is handmade candle

There are many products that can be only available in this store and sometimes the exhibit itself is such rare in Japan.

Why don’t you stop by once.

Right Side In Mouth, Workshop and Gallery

What is held in right in the mouth is reservation required workshop.

The workshop is planned mainly for making stuff that can be used in our daily life, such as Lamp shade, stool.

Ogawa, owner of “OOO” says “the theme is having fun of making, and taste the pleasure after you make it“.

“I want to make something, but not sure what should I start from…”

Ogawa wishes “OOO” become a chance to be interested in the handmade for such people.

Please experience the fresh pleasure of the moment when you just make it.

Ogawa says the thought about “OOO” like this.

Ogawa had been knowing the face house since she was a child, and the that was daily landscape.

After she returned Kyoto, when she was thinking to open handmade workshop, she was told that the face house is vacant.

She thought concept of workshop fit with her memories in childhood.

She hopes from children to adult that not only look the face house but also enter the house.


Ogawa opened “OOO” with her thought that let people taste handmade-pleasure.

Anyways, this “Face House” built by a japanese architect itself is a symbol of creative.

The soul of creativity would be, without fail, inherited to next owner Ogawa.

It’s totally interesting that Face House evokes a new wind to Kyoto, with such episode.


Store Name:creative studio&shop OOO

Address: 〒604-0012 Kyoto, Nakagyō-ku, Tatedaionjichō, 740-1

Business Hour:10:00~19:00

Closed on Wednesday