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7 Main Areas of LEGOLAND JAPAN!  in Nagoya

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LEGOLAND Japan has opened in Nagoya on April 1, 2017.

Although the size of the site is a bit compact as big as three Tokyo Domes (one Tokyo Dome is 46,755 square meters), you cannot effectively enjoy if not study in advance as there are more than 40 attractions and shows.

This time, I will introduce the overview of the seven main areas that you should grasp before you visit LEGOLAND JAPAN.

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“Bricktopia” All Ages Can Play Freely

LEGOLAND JAPAN is the 8th site in the world, but “Bricktopia” is the area of the first in the world.

There are lined up the attractions of experiencing type that you can freely play with LEGO blocks and DUPLO Blocks and attractions that even a timid child can enjoy.

“LEGO NINJAGO Live” that you can see at the back is on-live four times a day, and the live performance continues for about 30 minutes.

Although there is no restriction by age, lights of projection mapping blink in the dark inside of the building.

Please be careful for a child of low age.

*DUPLO blocks that even an infant can play without fearing of accidental ingestion is a bit bigger sized block than LEGO blocks.

Observation Tower can be said as the symbol of LEGOLAND JAPAN.

You can overlook the inside of the park and Nagoya-ko Port from the height of about 50 meters.

Here are attractions that you can enjoy LEGO blocks with a free imagination, including “Robotic Play Centre”, “LEGO® Creative Workshop”, and “Build and Test”.

Besides, it is also an area where are many colorful and cute LEGO models.

LEGO City Where Everyone of A Family Can Enjoy

“LEGO City” is where you can fully play by using your bodies, such as driving a car, an airplane, and a motorboat, and as doing a rescue work imagining that you are a fireman.

It is the area where are many attractions that members of a family challenge cooperatively.

“Driving School” where children are given the official license of LEGOLAND is subject to ages 6 to 13 years old, also with a traffic safety lesson.

There is also “Jr. Driving School” that is subject to ages 3 to 5 years old.


You will do fire fighting at “Rescue Academy” by proceeding a fire engine with moving a lever up and down.

It is a competition of five engines, so you will naturally get passionate about it.

As you will use body strength pretty much, you need to pay your attention during summertime.

Let’s challenge it after preparing a bottle of water or tea.

In “Adventure”, LEGO Model of Ancient Egypt

“Adventure” is an area of which the theme is ancient ruins.

Although it seems for a bit high age, some attractions can also be played even by a young child, including “Pharaoh’s Revenge” and “Lost Kingdom Adventure” that are for all ages, and “Submarine Adventure” that exists only in England, Dubai, and Japan.

“Submarine Adventure” in which you will explore the ruins under the sea riding in a submarine is an absolutely must-play attraction.

Though you can freely shoot photos, as living things may be startled, please set off a flash of your camera.

In this area, there are lined up LEGO models of large scale that are worth to see, including a camel, Pharaoh, and a sphinx.

The pretty bizarre sphinx that makes a peace sign with a smile is a must-see!

Full of thrill riding on a pirate ship!  “Pirate Shore”

“Pirate Shore” of which symbol is a big pirate ship is an area that you can enjoy a feeling of a pirate.

There are lined up attractions for a child of ages who likes to enjoy the thrill, including “Anchors Away!” that moves left and right, back and forth.

At “Splash Battle”, riding on a pirate ship, you will fight by a water gun with other ships.

You can fight by a water gun not just with other ships, but also with audiences who are outside of the attraction.

As you will soak wet pretty much, if you bring a rain poncho or a raincoat, you can freely enjoy playing.

“Castaway Camp” is a play area where is no restriction by age or height.

A small child can play here while an elder brother or an elder sister enjoys other attractions.


“KNIGHT’S KINGDOM” Where There is a Roller Coaster

The cheerful atmosphere for small children changes completely.

“KNIGHT’S KINGDOM” is where makes you feel like you lost way in a medieval castle.

It is an area where there are attractions of the most feeling of moving fast even inside the park, including a roller coaster.

At the roller coaster “The Dragon”, while it is speeding up from the departure, there expands the world of vast LEGO models that was imaged a castle of a king.

As photo-shooting is not allowed, let’s keep expectations until you ride.

It is the roller coaster that does not make a 360-degree loop, so it is recommended also to the child who has not experienced a roller coaster yet.

There are restaurants in each area of LEGOLAND Japan, and you can taste menus of western and Japanese at the restaurant “Knight’s Table Restaurant”.

Other than roast beef topped with abundant gravies, and open sandwich, there are also Nagoya-style menus, such as Kishimen (noodles made in flat strips) and Ogura French Toast (Red bean paste on French toasted bread).

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Access to LEGOLAND Japan

Other than these, there are “FACTORY” where you can observe the factory of LEGO blocks and “MINILAND” that reproduced famous places of Japan using about ten million LEGO blocks.

With preparing very well about the area information, please enjoy completely the day of your visit.

Address:  Kinjofuto 2-chome 2-1, Minato-Ward, Nagoya-City, Aichi-Prefecture

Access: About five-minute walk from “Kinjofuto” station of Aonami Line

Please check and confirm the latest information on the official website.

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