VIP is kids! “LEGOLAND Japan Hotel” Near LEGOLAND in Nagoya

LEGOLAND Japan Hotel made a grand opening on April 28th, 2018.

Because it is the hotel opened just in front of LEGOLAND Japan, of which target is ages between 2 and 12 years old, the hero is, of course, a kid.

Everything such as restaurants and a water park is designed thoroughly for kids.

How far is the concept of “Kids are VIPs” pursued?

We will introduce you how serious the hotel is.

Welcome to the world of LEGO!

LEGOLAND Japan Hotel is a pop building as if built with LEGO blocks.

Although there may be a hotel with a guest room designed for kids, there is scarcely ever a hotel also with a cute exterior.

Surely, the expectation of a kid gets high as a dream time will be starting!

A secret of the guest room designed with a kid’s perspective

As the guest rooms of LEGOLAND Japan Hotel are divided into five themes corresponding to areas and attractions of the inside LEGOLAND Japan, you can fully enjoy each view of the world.

We will introduce you the details of the guest room separately, so here introduce to how designed with a kid’s perspective the room is.


First, there is an independent bedroom for a kid.

It is designed like a secret base that cannot be seen from the main bedroom for adults. (*)

And, an extra bed that is equipped in a room of higher than premium plus is a mechanism that you will pull out from under a bunk bed.

For kids, they will be excited multiplied times compared to the usual extra bed.

* As there is no door, you will be able to hear voices of kids well.

Also, safety is well-considered such as all the wood materials used for the beds are chamfered.

Some suites have a kids’ room, besides a bedroom for kids.

There are even two rooms for kids’ in one guest room.

What a luxury VIP treatment!

Here, there are two big beanbags, so it may also be a good idea to relax together by a parent and a kid.

This is a door of a guest room, and if you look at it carefully, do you see that it is equipped with a peeping hole in a lower position?

Surely, it will tickle kids’ fancy like “I like doing the same as adults do!”

When you play by a parent and a kid in and outside of the room, don’t forget to bring a key.

A special experience that you cannot make in the park

Located in front of LEGOLAND Japan, and also attached to Sea Life NAGOYA, is LEGOLAND Japan Hotel, and it also has a playground inside the hotel.

This is a workshop using LEGO blocks.

Although it is a popular class also in LEGOLAND Japan, there is a dedicated program only for hotel residents in the hotel.

Which do you like; enjoying twice in the park and the hotel, or spending your time in full blast for attractions of which should be in an amusement park in the park?

Water Play Area that can be used throughout a year is very colorful with floating many soft playing blocks that are made of soft materials.

As it is a water park of about 60 cm in depth of water located inside of the building, it is also thankful that small kids can play not so tired, isn’t it?

Even in a restaurant, kids cannot stop excited

“Skyline Bar” that opens for lunch and dinner is a restaurant where you can enjoy dishes used foodstuff of local production for local consumption and colorful cocktails.

Among cocktails, there are also non-alcoholic, so kids can enjoy the feeling of adults a bit.

And the photo is “Australian Angus beef, Poiret of the fillet, Ninja-style with smoke magic”.

When opened a rid, vapor with savory scent of smoke fluffily comes up.

You will shout for joy excitedly unintentionally for such performance.

As a pie of a throwing star shape is also stuck, it is especially recommended to those kids who are LEGO Ninjago fans!

At “Bricks Family Restaurant” that is a buffet restaurant opens for breakfast and dinner, there is prepared a buffet stand of 60 cm in height so that a kid can take food by him/herself.

And what is served both for breakfast and dinner is this “LEGO potato”.

What a surprise that the popular product, which sometimes makes waiting-lines inside of LEGOLAND Japan, is for all-you-can-eat, so you can easily imagine in your eyes the smiling faces of kids.

Moreover, there are also potatoes of star-shape.

There are lined up desserts with which kids can taste “fun to make”, including soft-serve ice cream that kids can wind by him/herself.

At breakfast buffet, there is a doughnut that you can decorate by yourself, and at the dinner buffet, there appears a chocolate fountain.

Of course, there are also fruit and cakes that adults will be happy with.

Even inside the elevator, you will not wake up from a dream!

Inside of the LEGOLAND Japan Hotel is designed with LEGO at every corner.

Even in an elevator hall, LEGO blocks are drawn not only on a floor but also on doors of elevators, and on the wall are being displayed LEGO models (works made by LEGO).

Moreover, be surprised even when you get into the elevator!

On the wall are drawn characters of LEGO, and fun music plays with a mirror ball spinning.

You may feel their strong will, which is that they will not make you wake up from the dream even a moment.

Of course, a hallway from the elevator hall going to a guest room is also designed according to the theme.

By the time when you arrive at the front of a door, feelings of kids’ surely reach the climax!


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Let’s spend a special day of a family at LEGOLAND Japan Hotel

You can soak in the world of LEGO block thoroughly at LEGOLAND Japan Hotel.

You may worry a bit as a parent, like “it may be a bit too luxury for kids…”, but a stay here is so special that it will be a priceless day.

And, the time that all the family can enjoy sharing completely this view of the world might not be such a long period.

If you think that “I like to take them there. They will be happy.”, it is the time that may be the best timing to do so.

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