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Lagunasia of LAGUNA TEN BOSCH in Aichi, mapping projection and the illumination are must-sees

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At “Lagunasia“, a theme park that is located in LAGUNA TEN BOSCH of Gamagori-City, Aichi-Prefecture, every year in winter as the center, “The most lighted in history: Laguna in winter”, a great event, is held!

Especially, “three large projection mappings and six large illuminations” are the must-sees!

As the new illuminations on the water, “Frozen ocean” and “Terrace of the light” appear, it increased the charm.

You, too, why don’t experience the world of fantasy at “Lagunasia”?

What is “The most lighted in history: Laguna in winter”?

Located inside of “LAGUNA TEN BOSCH”, a complex type resort, “Lagunasia” is a theme park with the theme of the sea.

You can enjoy variously, including attractions and entertainment shows, throughout a year, day and night.

“The most lighted in history: Laguna in winter” is the very popular event, that makes inside the park with full of various abundant colors.

Especially, “three large mapping projections” (Neige, Amaze, and Agua) and “six large illuminations” (Frozen ocean, Terrace of the light, Rainbow arch of good luck, Meadow of the light, Palace of the blue, and the Jewel garden) are the must-sees.

The event hours of the mapping projection show and the illumination shows are scheduled, so you will enjoy going around the park and attractions between the scheduled time.

Although they will announce at the time of the beginning of the shows, let’s check scheduled times and event places in advance so that you will not be in a hurry inside the wide park.

After you go through the ticket entrance gate, you will be welcomed by “Zerofiss Square” that is beautifully illuminated!

If the timing is good, you can see the characters of Lagunasia, including Gato, the cat, and Peato, the pelican.

Beyond the square, there are waiting for you many more worlds of the light.

“Six large illumination” of must-sees

The best of attention in this season is “Frozen ocean“, the newly appeared illumination of the water.

“Beach of Joya Mare” that is a swimming pool in the summer season transformed to the sea of light shining in blue.

When you go under an arch of the light, which is equipped on a bridge, you will be welcomed by a big tree of the light.

“Illumination show”, which the light changes brilliance corresponding to music, is also held.

Please check the event hours on the official website.


Also in “Terrace of Siesta”, where you can overlook whole Lagunasia, “Terrace of the light” appeared newly!

On a ceiling, there expands illumination like stained-glass, and when you go through under it, you will be surrounded by solemn and gentle lights.

For visiting the remaining four large illuminations, let’s go forward to a connecting bridge that continues to “Flower Lagoon”.

On the connecting bridge, there set “Rainbow arch of good luck”.

Illumination arch of twelve units and one million bulbs is one of the biggest classes in Japan!

It continues to the other side in the jet black darkness, and it leads to the new fantastic world.

After you crossed the connecting bridge, there expands “Meadow of the light” on your left side.

The way about 3,500 lanterns looking like a meadow change colors, as if rolling waves, is a beauty beyond words expression!

In the middle, a large but cute symbol tree of 10-meter height and 13-meter diameter is standing tall.

“Illumination show” is also held three times a day.

“Flower Lagoon” of the night is also attractive!

Behind “Meadow of the light” shines “Palace of the blue“.

Not just viewing it from outside, but let’s try going inside by all means.

You can experience the world of extraordinary that is full of lights of marine blue.

In “Flower Lagoon” that is the entertainment garden, located on the right side after crossed the connecting bridge, “Jewel garden” is held!

In a beach of the center, there are set with illumination in the water that uses small LEDs of the latest technology.

It is imaged with “Flower of the light”, and is a beauty as if studded with jewelry.

Flowers blooming in the Flower Lagoon are also illuminated!

“Illumination show” linked with music is also held at any time.

In Flower Lagoon, there are illuminations, including “Flower oval” that is full of crammed flowers on the whole walls of 360 degrees, “Flower valley” that many flowers expand even under the glass corridor, and “Flower Sky” that is an arch of the flowers, so you can enjoy seasonal flowers from various angles.

It is a happy point that you can enjoy illuminations even during the periods other than the period of the winter Laguna!

After the sunset, shined by the gentle light and the moonlight, it becomes a fantastic atmosphere that is different from that during day time.

Powerful and Impressive and “three large projection mapping” of Lagunasia

You cannot miss also “three large projection mapping” that Lagunasia is proud of.

AMAZE“, a projection mapping of a car chase and action can be watched right beside of “meadow of the light”.

Please don’t miss it because it is held twice a day (for about 8 minutes long).

On the wall of “the temple of Bahamut” that is 14-meter height and 33-meter width, actual cars that move are arranged.

It is the first direction in Japan that the mapping is projected these cars!

The actual cars rotate linking with videos, and it expresses the videos of full of presence that runs in futuristic cities, etc.

You will fall into illusion as if you are running, and it is breathtakingly powerful.


The water projection mapping show “AGUA” is held at the center pool.

“Water projection mapping” that makes a surface of the water a screen is the first in Japan.

Appearing also the show cast and a giant balloon, it expresses a fantastic world that mermaid swim and spirits fight of a dragon and fire.  With such splendor, it seems as if the coldness is blown away!

The show is held only once a day (for about 15 minutes).

As a result, it will be much crowded, so it is challenging to secure a space for watching.

You can be at ease if you buy the viewing seats (500 Yen) in advance!

Seats on the ground floor are close to the show cast, and you can watch well the water projection mapping from the seats on the second and the third floors.

360 degrees 3D Mapping Projection “NEIGE” is held twice a day (for about nine minutes) at “Zerofiss Square” that is right after you entered the park.

The mysterious spaces that include the world of snow and ice that beautifully changes and moving house of candies are expressed by using walls that surrounds the square!

3D projection mapping that unfolds in 360 degrees is the first in Japan.

Dressed like shining fairies and unique soldiers, the show casts also appear.

They make warming up the world of “NEIGE”.

Ideally, the place for watching is around the center of the square where you can overview four walls, but there will be fairly crowded.

Although it is a bit far from the show casts, it is also recommended to view from the second floor of the building as it is spacious.

10 kinds of “Photo Shooting Spots of Light”

Photo Shooting Spots of Light” of outstandingly good for photo shooting increased to ten kinds in this season.

Photo shooting spots, where you can take photos together with shining attractions and a Christmas tree, newly appear!

It is arranged also inside of the new illumination “Terrace of the light”.


Photo shooting spots from the previous seasons cannot also be missed.

It is attractive as a taste of each spot is different, such as a photo shooting spot as if you are sitting on the moon of “Meadow of the light”, and a photo shooting spot of cute wreaths at the entrance of “Flower Lagoon”.

On this occasion, let’s enjoy also going around “Photo Shooting Spots of Light”.


“Doggies in Laguna of winter” that you can enter together with doggies and kitties is held until December 20th!

At the entrance of a dog run, there also is arranged “a good spot of light for photo shooting” dedicated to doggies.

In “LAGUNA TEN BOSCH”, there are other than Lagunasia, a natural hot spring, a shopping mall, and a thalassotherapy center, etc., so you can have various ways to enjoy.

As a free shuttle bus service operates from JR Gamagori station, it is easy to access!

As “The most lighted in history: Laguna in winter” is an event at night, it is also good to stay at a hotel located inside LAGUNA TEN BOSCH.

“Henn na Hotel” located inside Lagunasia is famous as a hotel where robots work.

If you are a couple, “a pair ticket”, which is sold limited on WEB, is good value!

It can be used also between friends of the same gender.

Please check for details on the official website.

Basic information of “Lagunasia” LAGUNA TEN BOSCH

Address: Kaiyocho 2-3, Gamagori-City, Aichi-Prefecture

Telephone number: 0570-097117

Holiday: Closes irregularly

Opening hours: Changes according to a month and a day of a week.  It is posted on the official website.

Hours of lighting up the illumination:  After the sunset

Admissions (Viewing inside the park):  Adults (Junior high school students and above) Yen 2,250, Elementary school students Yen 1,300, Toddlers (Three years old and above) Yen 800.

* Tickets of good values are also sold.  Please check the details on the official website.

Parking: About 1,000 cars (a regular passenger car), Yen 800 for a day


About 15-minute ride by free shuttle bus service from JR Gamagori station.

About 10-minute ride by a routed bus from JR Mikawa Otsuka station

About 30-minute drive from Otowa Gamagori IC of Tomei via the National Road No. 1.

About 35-minute drive from Toyokawa IC of Tomei via the National road No. 151.


Please check the latest information on the official website.