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Visit Bungomori Roundhouse/ Railway Turntable, Ruins Going by Yufuin no Mori

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In 2015, the popular sightseeing train “Yufuin no Mori” of JR Kyushu added one car and became 5-car train, and it gathered attentions.

The inside of the new car designed with an image of forest is a healing space.

* Actually, mori means forest in Japanese.

Yufuin no Mori, the train itself, is already one of the tourist destinations.

There is a national tangible cultural treasure “Former Bungomori Roundhouse/ Railway turntable”, preserved a roundhouse of locomotives, at Bungomori station in Kusu Town, Oita Prefecture, where it takes 30 minute ride from Yufuin station of the operating route.

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Ruins, sleeping on vivid lushy lawn, are artistically beautiful and stirring up romance feelings.

A locomotive is also exhibited, and also it is illuminated during a roundhouse festival.

A New Car Added to “Yufuin no Mori” Between Hakata to Beppu

Did you know that a new car added to a popular sightseeing train “Yufuin no Mori”, which connects Hakata station with Yufuin station and Beppu station, of JR Kyushu in July 2015?

The new car was designed by Mr. Eiji Mitooka, who also designed “Seven Stars” (a cruise train in Kyushu).

When talking about Yufuin no Mori, we know that many people visit Yufuin for sightseeing, but actually there are many attractive towns scattered along the railway line.

* Only one round trip a day going to Beppu station.

And, the new car is currently in operation between Hakata station and Yufuin station (Yufuin no Mori 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 6th cars).

To make a reservation please visit JR Kyushu online booking site.

Car is Just Like Inside of Forest, Makes Us Healed

A floor of the new car is a board floor of Japanese oak timbers, and a ceiling and seats of inside of the car are designed with leaf patterns, and you are in atmosphere as if you are in a forest.

“Kumiko works”, the traditional technique, inherited in Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, are used for designing of armrests.

* Kumiko is the Japanese traditional technique to joint small parts made of a wood.

The new car is the car number 4, for your information, please take care when you make a reservation.

Yufuin no Mori is also popular for foreign visitors, and there may be a long line for waiting for a restaurant on board, so it is recommended to go to the restaurant as soon as you get on board if you plan going there.

Artistic Ruin “Bungomori Roundhouse/ Railway Turntable” with Romance

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There is the roundhouse and railway turntable, once used to be a roundhouse of locomotives, near Bungomori station where takes about 30 minutes from Yufuin station by “Yufuin no Mori”.

In this ground of 1734 square meter, at the peak time there were 25 locomotives stored and were more than 200 staffs working, but the Bungomori locomotive depot was closed in 1971.

What saved this ruin was preservation motion of mainly local residents, and the signature campaign for wishing preservation gathered 22 thousand signatures in and out of the town, and it moved a local government.

It also received the designation of a national tangible cultural treasure by the local activity.

Usually WIFI is not available in isolated islands or isolated places, even at hotels or restaurants.

So, portble wifi is recommended.

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Locomotive is Also exhibited And Illuminated in October

Because it is the only one roundhouse remained in Kyushu as of the original form, and because only a few remained even nationwide, such as Umekoji Roundhouse in Kyoto, it is a precious railway heritage.  A locomotive, relocated from Shime Town, Fukuooka Prefecture in June 2015, is also exhibited in front of the roundhouse.

Also, a roundhouse festival is held in October every year, and it will be illuminated at night.

Endless Romance Feeling From Ruins with Broken Glasses and Bullet Holes of Machine-gun Fires

It was a attack target of US Army during the war, and the ruin still remains holes of machine-gun fires on the walls.

Blue sky reflected on the broken glasses on a sunny day stirs up more romance atmosphere of the ruin.

* For your information, it is free to observe, but prohibited to enter to the inside of roundhouse due to deterioration.

Please observe from the outside of ropes.

Enjoy Traveling on a Train Filled with Green From Yufuin to Bungomori

You can enjoy landscape of full of green along the railway line in a railway trip from Yufuin to Bungomori.

Good to continue traveling toward Hita, and also it is recommended, when going and coming back, to enjoy both travels by Yufuin no Mori and by a local train.