Kurama Hot Spring Onsen In Kyoto Sorrounded by Nature

Going up to north from center of Kyoto city, Kurama area is there.

There is Kuramadera temple, a representative of vortex spot in kyoto, and Kifune Shrine and Kawadoko dish are also famous among Japanese.

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Anyways, it seems few tourists know that onsen is available in Kurama.

In fact, the onsen is natural hot spring that springs out naturally which is unusual in kyoto.

You can enjoy as if it is a secret hot spring with landscape such as fresh green colored mountains from spring to summer, orenge and red colored mountains in autumn and white colored mountains in winter.

The name is Kurama Onsen.

What Kind Of Place is Kurama Onsen?

Let me introduce overview of Kurama Onsen for the beginning.

Speaking of Kurama, as it shown before, it is known as vortex spot and autumn leaves is also famous.

Kifune area is located near Kurama area which is connecting to hiking course, so tourists are visiting for hiking.

Because Kurama is located in mountain area, the temperature is lower.

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Many tourists are coming, seeking to stay in a cool tourist place.

The onsen surrounded such nature is Kurama Onsen.

Though some of you may think “Onsen in Kyoto?”, Kurama Onsen is unexpectedly famous in Kansai area such as open air path, bubble bath.

Kurama Hot Spring Onsen Surrounded By Nature

Open Air Bath In Kurama Onsen

Let me introduce open air bath first which is the main onsen of Kurama Onsen.

Stones are laid on the floor in open air bath and space is separated for men and women, and the open air bath is so tasty with the garden.

The size of bathtub is relatively wide as a bath that makes guests relaxed.

Soaking your body in open air bath, Mt.Kurama is in front of you, and it is as if you come a secret hot spring.

Because Kurama Onsen is located in mountains, what you can hear in the open air bath is only the sound of water that is pouring into the bathtub.

Such extraordinary space and time attract both Domestic and foreign tourists.

Open air bath of Kurama Onsen is beautiful throughout year with nature of 4 seasons, so autumn and spring are recommended season to visit.

Personally, Kurama Onsen in winter is also awesome to visit although Kurama area is cold and it might be hard to visit because of snow.

Also, inside bath is attached nearby open air bath, so it is helpful for winter.

Large Public Bath(Main Building of Kurama Onsen)

Let me introduce large public bath next.

Large public bath is so large that more than 10 people could soak their body at the same time, and it is attached with water bath and sauna.

You can feel opened with wide window in the bath.

It is said that the water of Kurama Onse is sulfur spring and is callded “a hot spring of a beautiful woman”.

Please enjoy public bath viewing nature of Kurama and heal yourself in a daily life.

Kurama Onsen is introduced in youtube, so just visit.

Day Trip Or Staying? Plans Of Kurama Onsen

Let me introduce in detail of plans for day trip and staying in Kurama Onsen.

Kurama Onsen which has a charming bath surrounded by the nature of Kurama, can be used as a day trip or as a hot spring inn.

Day Trip Plan

2 types of plans are available for day trip plan.

Day Trip Course, Available Both Open Air Bath and Large Public Bath

In addition to the use of two baths, the day trip plan also includes the use of a break room on the second floor.

Also a towel, bath towel and rental yukata set are available.

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How to Wear a Yukata

The facility is available until 9pm, so you can enjoy the hot springs slowly with meals.

Towels are also included in the set, so it’s okay to come just by hand.

It is so grateful for tourists to Kyoto.


・ Adult / 2,500 yen
・ Children (4 to 12 years old) / 1,600 yen
* What included above are as follows.

・ Open-air bath “Mineburo” and main building large bath (water bath, bubble bath, sauna)
・ Towel, bath towel, yukata rental included
・ 2nd floor hall restroom
* As of July 2019

Open Air Bath Course, Available Only Once

In the Open-air bath course, you can enter the open-air bath once, and towels and bath towels are charged separately.

Also you can’t use the break room, but if you use the restaurant in the facility, you can relax after taking a bath.

If you bring a towel, it is attractive compared to the day trip course.

For those who simply want to take open air bath, the open air bath course is also recommended.


・ Adult / 1,000 yen
・ Children / 700 yen (4-12 years old)
・ Towel sold separately (face towel 200 yen)
* As of July 2019

A Set Plan of Bath And Meals

There is also a plan that includes a day trip bath and meal besides the course introduced before.

The plan costs 4,800 yen (with towel / Yukata rental), so it seem like a little bit expensive.

But, taking the use of both open air bath and large public bath, and the meal is included into consideration, it is not bad plan.

A break room is also available, so you can spend time slowly.

Meals can be enjoyed with a gorgeous menu that includes local chicken and wild vegetable pot rice, small pots, and small bowls.

Depending on the season, you can choose a seasonal menu.

No reservation required, so if you are interested, please visit the reception desk on the day.

Staying Plan

When staying at Kurama Onsen, plans with 2 meals per night and a meal without meals are available.

You can choose from 3 types of dinner: Kyoto Kaiseki(traditional multi-course Japanese dinner), Kyotamba-made local chicken, and Kamonabe(duck hot pot).

The photo is Kamonabe.

All of them are Kyoto-like menus, so you can’t decide what to choose easily.

The rooms are simple Japanese-style.

Although it is not luxurious, chairs and tables are placed on the wide edge of the window, and it is a space where you can take a breath, viewing the nature of Kurama.

It is enough to take a rest while feeling the slow flow of time from busy daily life.

It is recommended to check early because the number of rooms are limited.

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Information of Kurama Onsen

For access to Kurama Onsen, Keihan to Eizan Line or Karasuma Line will take you.

If you take Keihan and Eizan Line, change trains at Demachiyanagi station to Eizan line.

Then, about it takes 30 minutes to Kurama Station.

Finally, shuttle bus runs to Kurama Onsen which takes 3 minutes for free.

If you take Karasuma Line From Kyoto Station, get off Kokusai-Kaikan Station(about 25 minutes).

Then, bus 52 takes you to Kurama Onsen in 20 minutes.


Below is the basic information of Kurama Onsen.

Official web site is here.

Note that those with tattoos are not allowed to bathe.


Postal code: 601-1111
Address: 520 Kuramahoncho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
Phone number: 075-741-2131
Closed: Open all year round * Please contact us for business on October 22
Business hours: One-day hot spring / 10: 30-21: 00 * Final reception 20:20
* As of July 2019

Day trip

・ Open-air bath plan / 1,000 yen
・ Day trip plan / 2,500 yen


・1 night 2 meals on weekday
2 people 1 room 17,000 yen per person per person
3 or more people 15,000 yen per room per person
* Plus 3240 yen per person on the day before holidays
* Charges change during special periods.


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