Kyoto Holy Land Pilgrimage to the Stage of K-ON!

Why not enjoy Kyoto while both sightseeing and making a pilgrimage to a holy place?

It is often thought that only Shiga Prefecture is the setting for the anime K-ON!

Shiga Holy Land Pilgrimage to the Stage of K-ON!K-ON! is a four-frame manga by Kakifly that was adapted into an anim...

However, Kyoto is also depicted in the anime.

It is also where I used to live, so although it is in the countryside, I would like to introduce it to you.

Suirokaku is also famous as a sightseeing spot

Suirokaku is famous as a sightseeing spot.

You can see it in the opening of K-ON.

Kyoto University of Arts

You can see it in the opening song of the first season.

Actually, the campus of Kyoto University of Arts is depicted as it is.

I remember being very surprised when I first saw K-ON!

Kamogawa Delta

The Kamo River Delta also appears in the opening.

This place is famous as a place where families and children come to play on their days off.

It was not a tourist attraction, but recently it is becoming famous due to the influence of K-ON!

Shugakuin Station, which appears many times in K-ON!

Shugakuin Station is depicted everywhere in the first and second seasons of K-ON!

The station itself is not very conspicuous because it is not a tourist attraction.

However, as a former resident of Shugakuin, I am very impressed with the station.

The statition.

Infornt of the station.

SevenEleven next to Shugakuin Station.

Kitayama Dori Street

These are also places which show up many times in anime.

A bridge is located wherer Kitayama Dori street and Kawabata Dori street across.

This is familiar in opening of K-ON.

And Retorobiba also appears many times.

For example, this is the scene before school festival.

1st season 1st ep.

This is a crossroads near Retorobiba.

Similar but a little different⁉ Yui’s House Matugasaki Daikokuten Enterance

It is located near the back of Matsukazaki station.

I found it by tracing my old memories and looking for a similar place.

It was not exactly the same, but I was sure that “this is probably the place! I was sure that it was here.

Tojikawara Park where Yui and Azunyan performed

This park is also located in an ordinary house.

I used to play here with my friends when I was in elementary school.

I am happy to think that such a park is depicted in the anime.

2nd season 9th ep.

This is where Yui and Azusa played.

A scene near the Otowa River

I used to walk there when I was going home from elementary school.

To be honest, I can’t tell which is the animation and which is the actual photo.

Totally the same!

Near Hokuryo High School depicted during the marathon

I could easily find it by walking or biking nearby.

And I was really surprised because it was exactly the same as the actual location.

2nd season 15th ep.

This is Hataeda Shoda park.

This is the scene when Yui had gone somewhere.

McDonald’s Kitashirakawa



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