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Kyoto “Mikane Jinja Shrine” is an Energy Vortex of Luck with Money

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A torii, traditional Japanese gate of a shrine is usually red or vermilion colored.

However, a torii of Mikane Jinja Shrine is gold colored.

Wish to be a rich…

If you have such wish, visiting to Mikane Jinja Shrine of Kyoto is recommended.

“Kane” means money in Japanese, and prefix of “mi” expresses politeness.

Written and read as “Mikane”, and literally, it gathers attention as an energy vortex that brings a luck with money.

A fortune wallet that will be given in the ground is so popular that there are days when it will be sold out.

Why don’t you entrust your wish to the fortune wallet, which is of the topic as bringing a luck with money?

Mikane Jinja Shrine is Available to Visit for 24 Hours

Speaking of energy vortexes, you may have an image that these are located among mountains or in a place where surrounded with abundant nature.

But, Mikane Jinja Shrine is surprisingly located in the center area of Kyoto, where buildings and condominiums are standing in line.

It is easy to access, and is located in an area where is very convenient for Kyoto sightseeing.

Also, it is a good point that it is available to visit for 24 hours.

So, it is crowded with many visitors even late at night, and it is the one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Kyoto.

Because the currency is made of metals, it became known in Japan as the energy vortex where you can receive a luck with money.

Shining and shimmering in the sunlight, a torii gate (shrine gate) is of atmosphere that looks like really bringing a luck for money.

The torii will be illuminated at night, and the whole shrine will be surrounded with fantastic atmosphere.

Mikane Jinja Shrine that you can visit anytime of 24 hours of a day is a must-visit energy vortex for the one who wish to become rich.

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The Sacred Ginkgo Tree in Mikane Jinja Shrine is Said that a Dragon God Lives in

Around behind of the main building of Mikane Jinja Shrine, there is a ginkgo tree that is the sacred tree.

About 22 meter height, and it is about 200 years old.

It is one of the most superb ginkgo big trees in Kyoto.

Although you cannot touch the tree as it is surrounded by a fence, there are many visitors who wish to receive a luck for money, by bringing back and putting a fallen golden ginkgo leaf in some wallet during the autumn leaves season.

Also, there were topics that mystical phenomena had happened in this ginkgo tree.

Surprisingly, there appeared two branches shaped like dragons.

It gathers more attention as a ginkgo tree that a couple of Dragon Gods lives in.

Although it may not be easy to find them during a season of abundant green leaves, please for sure try finding the couple of Dragon Gods by looking up to the ginkgo tree of the sacred tree.

May I be a rich, may I be a winner of a lottery…

They may be listening to such wish of visitors from the above of the tree.

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A Votive Picture is Ginkgo-leaf Shaped, Write Your Wish and Submit it

In addition to your worship at the main building, why don’t you submit the votive picture, with putting your wish for going up your luck of money?

A votive picture of Mikane Jinja Shrine is a shape of ginkgo tree leaf, same as the sacred tree.

It is a very rare votive picture.

Moreover, a red character of “Money” is written on a golden votive picture, it has atmosphere of indeed going up your luck of money…

May I be a rich, may I be a winner of a horse race.

Please put writing anything that your wish for as you wish.

There are numerous votive pictures submitted in the ground, so it conveys that Mikane Jinja Shrine is a sacred place for the one who wish to become rich.

Also, the various lucky items, including a lucky charm, a fortune telling slip, and an amulet that are given in the grounds of the shrine, are encouraging items for raising up the luck of money.

These will be welcomed as a souvenir of Kyoto and a gift.

Popular Fortune Wallet Sold in Mikane Jinja Shrine is Golden Color

Among lucky items that are given in the ground, the most popular is, no matter what is said, a fortune wallet that was prayed.

Not an overstatement even if said that it is a must-have item for the one who wish to be rich.

This fortune wallet of Mikane Jinja Shrine is so popular that there are days when it will be sold out, and there are many tourists coming from afar to Kyoto to buy this!

The fortune wallet is not given at the place where some fortune slips are given, so you need to call for a person in charge by an intercom at near the office entrance in the ground, and you will be given after you offer donation at the entrance.

The fortune wallet with distinctive vivid golden color has atmosphere that indeed bringing the luck of money!

Other than the character of luck on the surface, there draws lucky designs, such as a mallet of luck.

Although the photo shows the appearance out from a bag, it will actually be given in a bag, so you can give it as a Kyoto souvenir as it is!

When open the fortune wallet, you will find the golden shining character of gold that seems bringing you more expectation of raising up your luck of money!

As there inside is attached a partition, you can store smoothly.

As it is a size of an ordinary long wallet, please try putting your wish for a luck of money freely, by putting lotteries and bills.

There is no zipper or button attached, so it may be better keeping stored at home than bringing out with you.

By the way, validity of the fortune wallet is one year.

Let’s return the fortune wallet to Mikane Jinja Shrine together with your gratitude after one year.

Purify Your Money to Raise Your Luck of Money

When you visit shrines, you will purify body and mind at Chozusha.

*A facility that uses hand water to cleanse its worshipers.

Surprisingly, there are prepared some bamboo baskets at Chozusha of Mikane Jinja Shrine, so you can purify also money.

It is said that greed of people who once owned that money is riding on the money.

Together with your prayer of raising up your luck of money, let’s for sure try purifying the money!

It may be a good idea to put the purified money into the fortune wallet.

By the way, it is a common sense and general worship manner that in a shrine firstly you will purify your body and mind at Chozusha.

You can worship at Mikane Jinja Shrine with refreshing feeling by purifying your body and mind.

Putting your coins in a bamboo basket, washing them with water, and let’s pray for raising your luck of money!

You may find some visitors among them washing and purifying a bill like a 10 thousand yen bill.

As it is said that there is no special rule, please try purifying your money as you wish.

Because there is hardly a chance to wash money in daily life, it might become a good memory of your Kyoto sightseeing trip.

Let’s try drying the washed coins in the sunlight.

It is also convenient that you can use a bamboo basket when you dry a bill, isn’t it?!

There may be many people who feel purified as the money is drying.

Mikane Jinja Shrine is an encouraging energy vortex for those who wish to become rich, by worshiping God of money, with lucky items such as a fortune wallet and a votive picture, and then purifying money.

Why don’t you visit to Kyoto to receive a luck of Mikane Jinja Shrine?

Let’s Receive Luck of Money at Mikane Jinja Shrine of Kyoto

Located in the center area of Kyoto is Mikane Jinja Shrine.

Surrounded by buildings and condominiums around, although it is a small and humble shrine, it is a popular energy vortex for praying luck of money, where is crowded by visitors day and night.

The prayed fortune wallet that is given at the shrine office is perfect for putting lotteries and bills!

May everyone be given a luck of money with a lucky fortune wallet.

Also, please pay your attention to a votive picture of ginkgo leaf shape and the sacred tree!

Please by all means try visiting to Mikane Jinja Shrine that is popular also in Japan.

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